Pissed and throwing stones

This past weekend was great and I wrapped it up with the chance to go to conference where I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with some folks running global companies. I was really feeling great.

Then I was dealt a really shitty hand at work.  Now, my hand isn’t as bad as a co-worker.  His choice is 1) Move to a new location where his wife dying of cancer won’t have local family for 24×7 support to rush her to the hospital and such, or 2) Refuse to move, be let go, and lose his health care benefits …for his dying wife.  Yeah, in the light of that one, my issue seems pretty minor..  I feel like a putz bitching while he suffers all that shit in silence.  THAT is a real Master, even if he is nilla.

Collectively, as I look around at all the people being treated like shit, its not a warm fuzzy I get when I go to work.. which really sucks because I love what I do..  Some days, enjoying your job is a little like rejoicing because you were one of the few who go a lifeboat off the titanic.   Sure you are happy, but showing it would make you feel guilty.  And it doesn’t help that there are people sitting right next to you drowning.

I am sure the people forced to run the furnaces at Auschwitz prayed everyday that if they could just get through burning this last group today, by some miracle the trains would stop showing up tomorrow.

I’ve been in corporate America too long.  I’ve seen way too many people told to “pay their dues”, and they do.. only they pay them to a person who gets fired.  The next honcho doesn’t know them, doesn’t know what they went through, and doesn’t care.  They only care about the people that helped them get ahead.  So it was all bullshit.  A company’s loyalty starts when a paycheck is promised and ends when the paycheck is issued.

The only workers that end a career with decent pay and benefits are the one ones paid for by the taxes.. the government jobs… which is ironic because we who pay for that early retirement with good benefits don’t get the same.  Kind of sucks to pay for someone else to get what you need.

I tend towards being fiscally conservative, but I have seen a huge erosion in worker rights in the last forty years..  That is going to have a backlash.. its going to lead to a rise again in unions, and socialism, and don’t kid yourself, at the heart of BOTH world wars was a battle between capitalism vs communism.  Oh sure, nationalism played a role but behind it was the drive to stop either capitalism or communism.

So here I am.  I should be happy.  Great weekend, awesome business trip, and a slave at my side.  So why am I breaking every rule I lay down for my slave?  I command her:  Thou shall find thy happiness!  It is like my first decree to her.  I am in a glass house, pissed and throwing stones, yet for the life of me, I can’t break this foul mood.

You know what though?  At least I know its just a moment..  One of many moments, each with its own flavor.   You need many flavors or life would be boring.  There were good times before this moment and there will be good times after.

I am pouring out a load of negative shit, which you will want to react to,  but who knows?  By the time you can respond, I may have already vented enough to put this moment behind me..  yeah.   Helps to have a slave curl up in your lap at the end of a day like this.

Carpe Diem my friends.. Go take the world by the balls and squeeze…   but save a kind word for a friend who may need it..  Bless those who suffer in silence..  what amazing people they are.





9 thoughts on “Pissed and throwing stones

  1. Getting off the beaten track doesn’t mean you left the journey. Although it cracked me up to read “Go take the world by the balls and squeeze…” as I’ve been having a rough day of it myself. Onward towards happiness! BTW, a lovely first rule you have there “Thou shall find thy happiness!” Me thinks I shall borrow it.

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  2. Thanks. So far the women are 100% empathetic and the men are all.. suck it up snowflake.. What is it with the genders and empathy? Or maybe its just the type of male friends I acquire.


  3. Yea it’s an awful feeling. As young as I am, I’ve already had to face the brunt of awful umempathatic management enough times to be bitter about it. Workplace politics seem to matter more to many small thinking middle management people than actual results.

    The worst feeling can be not being the one let go. You have to carry on, working for the same people you now despise, knowing they learned nothing from the ordeal and would do it again to you as soon as it’s convenient.

    I hope I can work for someone I can finally respect after I get my mba in two years. Otherwise I’m going to end up a bitter entrepreneur working way too hard because at least I don’t have to listen to horrible bosses if I do.

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  4. Holy crap.. I didn’t think anyone knew about that series any more. Good books.. The PC crowd probably disagrees, but I really think the author was on to something with those books.

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  5. There are two motivations in business.. money and power. The people that get the power, convince those above them that with power, they can get more money for the company while cutting costs. Its a ruthless system. Its not any more ruthless than a wolf eating bunnies to survive, but when you are the bunny, that is kind of hard to see.

    Its hard to boil it all down to a few sentences, but in a nutshell, followers don’t mind following if the leader takes the risks on their behalf. In primitive terms, the strongest hunter gets the best food because when everyone else is running from danger, the strong hunter runs to the danger. Its an ancient principle. Corporation mentality tend to elevate those who get the best food but then when danger arises, they sacrifice those that fed them. In other words, their actions are the opposite of what is required for natural motivation to follow. But in the logic that says give power to make money, motivation to follow is lost. So to motivate, you must lie about intent, while secretly planning to sacrifice your followers.. and every employee ultimately understands this, if not on an intellectual level, then on an emotional one.

    The problem is, it is rough to do both.. pursue wealth while being honest to your followers. Frankly, I am not sure the two fit together. Which takes us back to the century old conflict between capitalism and communism, or freedom with risk, vs submission with relative safety. In both systems, those in power abuse power, to the detriment of those that follow, which is why I would rather have freedom with risk.. at least then I can make choices to change my situation. When a government demands submission for protection, there are no choices, and everyone benefits or suffers.. but its usually suffers because of the natural abuse of power.

    Being your own boss in a small company would be fine. Being a boss in a large company, even if you own it, will still subject you to all the flaws and conflicts between the pursuit of wealth and natural follower motivation. You just have to pick the level of power you are comfortable with, and get used to it.

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