What would you do for Love?

It was just another evening, living with X.  My slave curled up with her head in my lap, as we talked of things from our day and the evening.  It is warm moments like this that I bask in.  It is the small treasures of pleasant memories like this that keep me warm during my endless toil at work.

The subject turned to love and somehow the topic turned to what it would take to get rid of me..  and I said, that’s easy.. just break your sacred role as a slave.

Warning.. spoiler alert… can you see where this is going?

I had the sudden twinge that you get sometimes when you know you are treading on a subject where there can be no happy outcome…  Where any answer is a wrong turn.  I saw the dead end in the canyon, but I forged ahead anyway.

Izrrina was taken back.  She wanted to hear that my Love knew no bounds, that I would fight to hold onto her.

But that is the thing about consent, is it not?  How can you make someone consent and it still be consent?   How can you fight for a thing, and it not be coerced?   Some things to be real, must be freely given..

I told her, “You have concocted an impossible scenario.  What I love about you IS your slave nature.  Without it you are not you.  In other words, I can only not love you, if you are not you.”

It is that fantasy that haunts us sometimes.  We want to believe that that a person can and will Love us no matter what..  but that is not me.  I have conditions.  I do not love a partner unconditionally, it is not my way.

Then I asked.. Would you love me if I stopped acting like a Dominant?

Warning.. double spoiler alert… can you see where this is going?

It was my turn to be disappointed.   She felt she could love me even if I stopped acting as a Dominant.  Well, more correctly, she wanted to believe that she could see past any obstacle to hold onto our love.  THAT was not what I wanted to hear.  It brought up all my  old fears that she had a nilla side, that might rise again.. that she wasn’t really a slave at heart.  For me, the roles are sacred.  There can be no other way.

Clearly my Canvas needs work..  Carpe Diem my friends.  Go be someone’s great day.

4 thoughts on “What would you do for Love?

  1. Of course. Many people have sacrificed what they need to stay with a person and have struggled for it. Happens all the time. Question is.. will you settle or move on? I personally would not settle.


  2. Love is the greatest gift anyone could receive but does love conquer everything ?
    Here is my perspective.
    Our property first adores our Dominance , our stance on life , the structure we say we will provide. Rules , choices and consequences.

    A slave needs many things to be able to complete that circle of a thing called love.
    If we were to just change and just be John from next door I am not sure about yours but Arianna would be thrown through a loop and in many cases would be totally lost..

    Again our relationships are different we do live a micromanaged M’s and I have even wondered what if something happened to me ? What if I did not wake one morning ?

    I do believe there are some Doms who after a year say look I need a break , but you never know what that outcome may be.

    I think if we turned the page and decided to be vanilla it is possible for a slave to fall out of love. After all we would be taking away a life they have worked so hard for

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  3. I like to think that if I turned vanilla, that my slave would definitely fall out of love. I say that, because time and time again, I come back to the fact that for me, this is not a lifestyle.. it runs deeper.. I like to say it is my orientation. I would be miserable without it.

    So.. since I tend to judge others by my own experience, I tend to think that if Ds isn’t the air someone breaths, then maybe it is just a lifestyle and not as important to that person as it is to me. Maybe that is harsh, but it is in my estimation fair. Judging from afar, it sounds very much to me like Ds is a need for Arianna.. I suspect it is for you as well,

    I am convinced that people who NEED Ds should hook up with other people who absolutely need it. Otherwise you COULD end up in that kind of situation where one of you goes vanilla, and the other falls out of love…

    And that brings us back to why I would hope my slave would fall out of love if I went vanilla.. If that is the way she had to roll to live, she is exactly what I need.

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