The paradox ( My Master )

There is a strong emotional need to refer to the Master you serve, as “My Master”.  But if you have ever been trained as a slave, or trained a slave to use third person then you must also have struck upon the common rule that a slave must never say.. “My Master”.  A slave does not own a anything and least of all, a Master, so to say “My Master” is often forbidden.

The correct term is, “the Master I serve”.  But how bland and tasteless is this?  As if there is no deep and meaningful bond.  As if this is the person I am serving today but tomorrow there may be another.

Oh!, I know that nothing could be farther from the heart of a slave that deeply desires to serve the one who would render unto them the gift of Domination.  Many would rather die than speak the words, you have no meaning to me other than to be the current person who Dominates me. Still, isn’t this what it feels like to say…”The Master I serve”?

Do not those words feel somehow hollow?   Are you not compelled to fight to say, “MY Master”?   Do you not want to cling to the desire to say loudly and proudly, this is the great and powerful person to whom I have sworn allegiance?

I tell you now that Orgasm denial has nothing over the mindset of a slave when it comes to denying a slave the opportunity to say, “My Master”.   What nilla woman does not want to scratch at her competitors?   Yet we deny our slaves this opportunity, the right to say as a nilla might: “Bitches he is mine!”.

I don’t think that we give enough thought to the sacrifice this means.  Not that I would surrender this to my slave.  There can be no other way.  She is mine.  I am not her’s.  It is the way of things.  But I understand the emotional turmoil that this can create.

A slave’s greatest gift is trust.  It is not service, no matter what others may say.  Trusting that a Master understands you, and has your best interest at heart is what makes it possible to bear the difficulty of seeing a Master interact with another, and not be able to say.. “My Master”.  It is why you must choose wisely the person to whom you request the gift of Domination.  They will use you.  They will pursue their own pleasures.  And if those pursuits are not within your limits, you will be hurt.

To give of yourself completely takes strength far beyond that of command.  I’ve had this argument many a time, but I will continue to maintain that the slave needs greater strength.  Many do not understand their gift of trust and the greater strength it requires..  Not that a Master does not need strength.  They do.  We often must bring to bear patience and irresistible force to mold a stubborn slave to our will.  That is the strength of a Master.  But the strength to completely surrender, even to say “the Master I serve”, when every fiber of your being wishes to say “My Master”, is something to take into consideration, and I submit to you the notion  that it takes greater strength.

A strong Master will always follow their desire. You who are slaves will always be property.  It is the way of our calling.  These are our sacred roles.  But in this, there is great stirring of emotion, great bridging of need and desire, and in that connection a pure and unfettered connection emerges.  What more can I say?  If you have felt it, you know of what I speak.  It is a wondrous thing, this thing we do. Carpe Diem my friends, Go be someone’s great day!