X, Xtac, MasterX

What is in a name?  A rose by any other name, eh?   I am most often introduced as Xtac.. pronounce ecstasy, or just X.  People tend to just call me X.   I am good with that.

There are a few however who would never call me X.  They would view this as inappropriate for the relation we have, or they might view it as disrespectful of the years I have been a Master and the position of respect I hold in the community.

These people always refer to me as MasterX.  It always stimulates a warm bond between me and the people that honor me in this way.  I get this from some fellow Masters as well as slaves.  It is not a title of subservience to me, but rather an honorific of recognition.

The only titles of value are those acquired thru recognition by others. One claims that title by exercising that recognition, not asserting it. ~Xtac Quote

I would never ask someone to call me MasterX.  I might suggest that if they find me worthy, they might honor me by calling me MasterX, but I always leave that as an open invitation, never as a request.  I like that there are some who are quick to pick up on the invitation, and honor me at every turn.

This refusal to make it a request though, sometimes leads to odd moments, where I am craving to hear that honor from a person.  I wonder what about me doesn’t deserve the honor this title recognizes.  Pestering a person to honor me is as bad as demanding the honor.  So I am slow to make the invite, and I am loath to remind.

This is in sharp contrast to the brash young Dominants who quickly announce that they are a Master.  I like that contrast.  It sets me apart I think.

I understand those that announce that they are a Master up front.  They have no patience, no desire to see who steps up to recognize what they see in themselves.  They see themselves in this role, and that is that.

Well, that or they have not been around someone like myself who might introduce them to the deeper question of the value in such a title.  A Master is made by the contribution they give to the community, by the experience they bring to the table, by the easy intimidating power they exude when you are in their presence.

This is the better way, I think.  There are some who are such casual acquaintances, that calling me MasterX would feel awkward.  The title would loose the depth of its meaning. Yes, this is definitely the better way.

Occasionally I may find it annoying that someone does not address me as MasterX, but it does give me material on which to reflect.  It is more work to do this reflection, this waiting, but for a Dominant every bit of information about your interaction is important.

For those who might be shy or hesitant about asking for the honor of using this term, of referring to me as MasterX, I understand this as well.   All I can say to those who feel this uneasiness is that breaking through that fear is important part of bringing our relation to a new level.  It means that the value of adding that honorific is not lost on you.. and that is exactly the reason why I do what I do.  Because when  you reveal this title has meaning for you, then it has meaning for both of us.

Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s geat day!