THE one twue way..

Media alert! Some people STTLL have not gotten the message (gasp!). There in not one true way to practice BDSM (double gasp!).

Our righteous indignation must roll forth at EVERY opportunity mocking these morons for clinging to their “One twue way”. There can be only one true way.. and that is our way…the way of embracing every possible way of expressing your kink in every sentence!

We must cleanse every forum and workshop of the foul smell of these people. Hate, mocking and belittling those who are outspoken is the only one true way my friends!

The only persons truly qualified to speak in forums or workshops are those that can speak freely about their experience of being both monogamous and poly, while also being both a Master and a slave! Of being like everyone else. Oh..and less you think I too am one of these defilers.. they must also be speak for every other self identity and kink as well… from experience.

Defilers must be struck down immediately with a venomous blast of holy righteous indignation at their audacity to present a unique perspective as important! How dare anyone speak in a strong voice if it doesn’t speak for everyone? Down with these free speech lovers! How dare they peddle their smut in public!

In an odd way, we haters of this narrow kind of speech are the real one true way. When we hate and despise and belittle people with a passionate, narrow interests, we have God/Justice/logic (take your pick) on our side! We must strike a blow at these unique life experiences with fear and hatred! Such narrow experiences will surely create narrow minds! It is their narrow minds, not ours, that must not be free to speak. THAT my friends is the true freedom we must all fight for!

And now a word from the author – Hating and belittling the most outspoken among us is in its own funny way, a form of narrow minded stupidity.  I hate the term “One twue way”.  I dislike people that use it mockingly.  Talking about it doesn’t take me higher, it takes me lower..I am out.. I’ve had enough on this crap..   Carpe Diem my friends.. go respect some diversity, even if it is unique. 

The person who refuses to embrace a common view, preserves diversity and for that reason alone, deserves respect. ~ Xtac quote

Only by respecting free speech from unique points of view, can we encourage diversity.  Diversity by definition is comprised of the unique.~ Xtac quote

The only posts and workshops I truly like are given by people who are UN-apologetically passionate about what they do.. and their way of doing it.  These are real individuals.. and they have something that I can learn.  These people are the back bone of real diversity.  ~ Xtac quote