Fucking Snow.. again

Ha… funny title… One of my best friends goes by the name Sno…and is female, and hot, but no I am not talking about fucking someone name Snow.. not even talking about fucking in the snow…

What I am talking about is that I will drive in shit most people would not even consider.  You know why a snow storm is like a man?  You never know how many inches you’ll get or how long it will last.. but this storm is expected to drop 12 to 24 inches (30 to 60 cm) .  At six inches or 15 cm, my car starts to act like a snow plow.  We could get four times that.   If this storm hits the max estimate, that freaking white power is coming over the grill… IF I drive in it.

And you know what happens when the weatherman predicts this kind of shit?  I’ll tell you.. I get tested.  My trust and belief in my slave is tested because she fucking stays at the ranch. God damn it.  I hate to sound like I don’t trust her, or I can’t live without her but I am deeply and passionately pissed.   How dare the weather God’s interfere with the continuing saga of living with X?

So I’ll shovel some snow, and then some more, and then probably some more..  You want to clear everything after some accumulation, or the shovel gets too heavy and then you are basically screwed.  yeah.. I am not using power tools for this job.  Sigh..  back breaking work, no slave, and she is all snug at the ranch and probably liquored up.  Grrrrrr.  NOT HAPPY!  If I Carpe something today. its not going to be the fucking day..  sigh.. rant over.  Ok  making the best of it.. yeah.. what can you do?    No sense in being in a foul mood.. maybe I’ll make snow angels before I shovel this white poop..   I miss my slave.. Fucking Snow!