SAM I am.. and mind reading

My slave is a SAM.. a Smart Ass Masochist and I am a mind reader.   You might put a bell on a cat’s collar so you can hear the cat coming.  I might need to put a sign around Izrina’s neck  that says.. “SAM I am”..   Or make her write it a hundred times.

So tonight we ate healthy.  Salad with a bouquet of wonderful flavors. black and green olives, cucumber and cherry tomatoes, shredded cheddar and bacon.  Yeah.. it was delicious.  My plate was brought to me, served in high protocol style, she knelt and presented the plate, balanced in one hand with a smile.  I grinned.. I like to make her hold that pose.. and then instead of reaching for the plate I like to pull her forward, give her a light kiss on the forehead and reward her with a good girl.  Meanwhile the plate remains carefully balanced beneath us both.. then I lean back and take it from her.

A little while later it was desert.  A small bowl of chocolate ice cream, covered in chocolate and butterscotch syrup, with a generous helping of whipped cream on top.  Izrina brought this too in proper fashion, kneeling to present it.  I was suddenly struck with appreciation for my property.. and when I feel this I often ask her:  What are you doing?  To which she replies:  Serving you.   And then I speak briefly about happiness.. about how she must always seek her happiness in this role, in serving me.

And as I leaned in for this exchange, that peculiar mind reading power kicked in.  Before leaning over the bowl covered in whipped cream, THIS time I took the bowl from her first.   Then leaned in…  and she grinned broadly..  and I knew I had read her thoughts correctly. and said so.  I know what you were thinking, my pet, I said.

There was a time when I would surprise her with this ability but not so much any more.  Anyway.  we avoided Master getting a face full of whipped cream, and having to spend time finding an appropriate punishment that didn’t involve rewarding this little masochist with some pain.

You don’t punish a SAM with pain.. it has to be something much more insidious.  Desert was delicious..  and the rest of the evening was just another wonderful day, living with X.  Just two little peas in our pod, living an incredible yet simple life. Carped Diem my friends… Go be someones great day!




4 thoughts on “SAM I am.. and mind reading

  1. I have been with a Sam in the past and we were just not a fit. It takes a special Master to be able to control and tolerate such behavior. I am in no way speaking badly of such a relationship because there is a perfect fit for everyone.

    I am a smooth sailing type of guy , no back talk , no arguing , no back talking. Arianna has tested me one time maybe it was a mistake , maybe it was not but I can tell you she does not want to revisit that day.

    I do not punish with pain that Intel’s to much work on my end , remember the smooth sailing guy.
    I take things away be it her iphone , privileges something she cherishes and she misses most her time of being able to relax… Maybe take the couch away , long hours of cage time with a hood on total blackness.

    I have been on somewhat of a healthy food kick the Paleo diet , the diet made for cavemen , as I walk in the kitchen I see the steak on the counter and I sneak up on it stabbing it with a knife.
    The master has brought the kill home. In about 6 weeks or so ive lost nearly 20 lbs.
    I am not in bad health but things are starting to catch up to me so before things get out of hand I will catch it.

    In a way you and I are much a like but very different if that makes any sense. I am happy to see someone in a true caring M’s relationship.

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  2. To be fair.. I only enjoy SAM behavior to the point that it doesn’t test my patience. Not positive I’m a fan but it does make add some interesting spice from time to time. Yeah.. anyway Izrina only tests the waters once in a rare while and I would say each test is a learning experience for both of us.. for me to keep my patience.. and her to learn not to poke the bear!


  3. @nuttykitten I bet! I am guessing your SAM side is going to get the better side of you from time to time. Fortunately the Master you serve has the tools he needs.

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