The obedient servant

Imagine for a moment if you will a most obedient and faithful servant.  He or She strives with all that they are to submit to the will of the one.  Imagine this person, in what ever gender or age comes to mind, on bent knee, striving to understand as completely as possible the behavior that is desired and expected of them.  You know this mindset, the one that always seeks to please and be obedient in all things.

Now imagine this person doing something they know is wrong, something not allowed.  You know how they will react.  Such a person will feel terrible shame in the weakness that lead to this failure.  Of course they will confess their failure with a truly repentant heart and beg to receive release from their guilt with penance.  But here is the million dollar question.. Am I describing a Master and slave or a Christian confessional?

Through the millenniums the motivations and behaviors of men has not changed.  What motivated a person to serve another a thousand years ago is true today.  Something to chew on my friends….  Carpe Diem