The warmth of Ds

I was speaking with a new Dominant regarding the joy of Domination and a few things struck me.  As I was speaking of all the things we must UNlearn, I learned something myself.

I know that my slave constantly seeks to please me.  I know this.  I also know that I am a sadist bastard that takes pleasure in watching her squirm as I put obstacles in her path, as I question her understanding, as I play sadistic little mind fucks with her.  Here is my epiphany:

Nillas say “I Love you”.   I need to  watch my slave overcoming any sadist mind fuck or obstacle I place in her path to pleasing me because it proves to me who we are, and how much we care for each other.


If this was not consensual, all this mind fuckery would be abuse.  New couples need to UNlearn that doing this shit is abuse.

But once we come to grips with who and what you are, seeing someone strive so hard to please the Master they serve, to show their love and devotion, when it is being made really hard to do, just proves how deep that love really runs.

When I do something to Izrina that nillas might think is cruel, say like trying to make her cry.. and she rises to the occasion and stays by my side, still loving and obedient, what more proof do you need that this is a relationship of value?

The words “I love you” are just words.  My slave proves her love constantly, even when I make it damn near impossible to do so.  We go way past saying it.  We take it to the next level.  She proves her love every fucking day.  Yes. fucking.  This observation needs the gravity of a curse word to underscore it.

What a lovely day to be a Master or slave.. Carpe Diem my friends!