A friend and a partner

I don’t have a lot of time to go into this today.  A friend and a partner has passed away.  A much beloved horse, who was dear to Izrina died in the early am yesterday.

I could go into the spiritual side, that all living things are connect on another level, that every blade of grass, every tree, every insect, every small furry thing, every human, yes ever creature large and small is just the fingers of God poking into our world, and that we are all connected in ways we barely perceive.

Or I could go  into the side that sees this body and mind as the real us, and grieves for the loss of companionship and joy that another life, human or animal, can bring.

I could talk about how, when we grieve, we grieve for our own loss, but if we truly understand and believe in our eternal selves then we should be happy for those who graduate, who get to go to the next great adventure of their spiritual life.

But I haven’t got time right now.   Life is good. Carpe Diem my friends.