Wish granted – The toy bag of X

Yes Virgina, there is a Santa Claus… I mean, wishes do come true.  This is the first of many wishes to be granted, no doubt:

So on a lighter subject kit would like to know what’s in that toy box of yours. Curiosity kills the cat, but cat has nine lives so what the hell.- nutty Kitten

Damn!  This one is going to be a long one.  Buckle up boys and girls or gurlz and boyz, cause here we go.

THE SHORT ANSWER  – To give the short answer, my toy bag consists of a very heavy duffle bag size roller filled with small cases and bags.  My OCD insisted I organize everything into groups so that I can pull out just the bag, case or cases I decide upon for a scene.  I’ve been wanting to do something like a fishing tacke box only HUGE and make it so that it opens into a table so I have a place for my fire supplies but I haven’t gotten there yet.  So the short answer is a list of the bags in the main bag.  In no particular order, here goes.

Fire Case – A complete set of fire play toys in a teen-weenie package
Fire Demo Case – All the goodies to make fire wands as part of a demo
Freddy Fingers – a case of extra special knives
Hardware purse – A tiny heavy container full of metal hardware and nipple clips
Impact bag – A wondrous set of lovely things that sting and thunk.
Restraint bag
– All kinds of goodies to get the restraint going fast
Rope cutters 
– I pray I never need these but they are ready for an emergency
Rope Pack – A custom mat that holds various rope for bondage and suspension
Spare Alcohol – Don’t leave home without it…I owe a bottle to FMB
Spare Candles – For those nights when you just gotta go long with the fire
Travel roll – Everything you could ever want in one small package
Violet Case
– A complete set of electrical goodies for the violet sadist.

Who would believe I could pack all that into one bag?  I would.. that fucker is HEAVY.  You know, as soon as I typed “in no particular order” OCD would kick in.  Did any one beside my slave notice the list was alphabetized?  Izrina would catch that right away.. she watches for it now.

THE LONG ANSWER  Ok, now that we can chalk one up for how my OCD lead to these mad organizational skills, let’s take a  deeper dive into my toy bag.  I am not getting everything out to make sure I don’t miss anything.  I am fairly sure I can do 90% of this from memory.

HERE’S WHAT’S IN THE SMALLER BAGS  –  You may want to stop reading now before you fall asleep!

Fire Case – A complete set of fire play toys in a teen-weenie package.  This is made from a black plastic pistol case.  Inside is a metal thermos bottle with a screw cap that has been converted to hold a candle.  Next to the thermos are my wands, and a liqueur flask that holds Bacardi 150 for spraying fire.. with my mouth or from a sprayer.  A plastic bag holds a lighter, candles and other mini goodies.  When I use this, I open the two halves, and place the cap on one side and the bottle on the other.  I place a candle in the cap and that becomes my fire source.  The bottle of course is my fuel source.  I also keep a cotton twin mattress cover in the bigger bag to protect whatever I am playing on.. a massage table or a regular table.  If I am mixing fire with Violet, I’ll need that bag.  If I am doing fire flogging, that is in the Impact bag.  If I want to use fire with Knives, I have a fire knife I created, in the impact bag.. hey I the knife case is too small to put it in.

Fire Demo Case – All the goodies to make fire wands as part of a demo.  This is a small white plastic case.  Not sure when I acquired it. In it are fondue forks and skewers, along with cotton balls, cotton wrap, and cotton finger tubing.  There is some fine wire, and extra candles that didn’t fit in the Fire case.  I think there is a multipurpose tool in there to for cutting cotton and wire.  With this, I can do a quick demo on making your own fire wands.

Freddy Fingers – a case of extra special knives  This is a long, narrow, black plastic case that started its life as a sears tool holder. Now, when you crack open this baby the most scary toys appear.  Three fully articulated knuckle sheaths, that slip over your fingers, and have areas to attach artificial tendons that stretch over the back or your hands to a leather wrist strap, specifically designed to make the whole thing work. When you wear these baby’s its a very organic feel, the knives that now extend from your finger tips become very much a part of you, and the tendons that tighten as you flex complete the sense of it.  This is all custom work, by yours truly.  Also in this case is a totally unique folding knife with TWO blades that swing up to form a “V” shape that is just lovely for tracing and trapping nipples.  Also included are extra “tendons” in case one snaps.  The case has depressed areas for everything covered in black velvet.

Hardware purse – A tiny heavy container full of metal hardware in nipple clips.  So tiny but oh so heavy, on the outside are various nipple clamps and inside some of the heavier metal items.  A pair of clover nipple clamps with a connecting chain.. and when the hell did these start being called clover?  I thought it was Clovis?  Any way, that plus four all purpose quick release snaps and some chop stick style nipple clamps, and a couple of weird clamps I bought just because they looked cool.  Mostly I use the chop sticks and the quick clamps.

Impact bag – A wondrous set of lovely things that sting and thunk.  Oh baby..never leave hope without this one.. unless you are taking the travel kit.  Let’s see… of course sting and thunk are in there.  I’ve described these before.  Two floggers.. My big fat elk skin thunker and a thin hard stinger.  The there is a case within this case for my para-cord single tail.  There is a black latex thing that looks like a dildo at one end and flat stinging mother fucker at the other.. Just about no masochist likes this one but on the plus side you can boil it to disinfect it.  A simply brutal black jack.. so fucking heavy I’m afraid of cracking bone with it, and a small flail of braided leather that not only stings but when the tiny braided flails go across skin leaves abrasions which are quite lovely for creating color in my art work.  As my fire flogger, which simply hasn’t seen enough action.    Oh.. and my beloved quirt.. No evening is complete without marking my slave with the quirt..

Impact bag knives – Since there wasn’t enough room in the velvet knife case, three more knife things found their way into the impact bag.  One is my beloved gutting knife.  Such elegant beauty, the curved shape is just sinister looking.  Another item in here is a knife sharpening stone.. quite heavy but necessary for the sound and the sick shit you can do with it.  The other is a knife that started its life as a cheese knife with lots of perforations in the blade.  I took advantage of the knifes perforations to braid cotton material in the top of it. Playing with a knife that is on fire is extremely risky business.  You have to press it to your own skin frequently to make sure you are not going to brand someone.  That metal gets fucking hot!  Because the braiding is on the top of the knife and heat travels up, I can get quite a few minutes of knife play with a knife that is on fire… lots of fun of boys and girls.. Fire sluts be warned.. this one just might make you cum!  Oh I know the spots that’ll do it too!

Restraint bag – All kinds of goodies to get the restraint going fast.  If you need to get into a scene fast, this plus the hardware bag is all you need to get going.  Two leather wrist cuffs and two ankle cuffs to get started.  I also have in here a custom made instant Saint Andrews cross… Its too much to explain here, but this turns any door into an instant cross.  Let’s see, also some industrial velco rated for 200 pounds.  I saved the best for last..another X custom item.  I have a rope wrist cuff which consists of two rings and about an arms length of extra rope.  This little beauty combines the joy and sensation of rope over skin, the long slow process of touching and tightening, with instant anchor points that can be snapped into place.. so you start off slow and then bang.. you are into a scene.

Rope cutters  – I pray I never need these but they are ready for an emergency.  Most dungeons have EMT scissors at the ready.  I keep a scuba divers cable cutters with me.  Or something like them. mine folds for safe storage.  A scuba divers cable cutters will do the same work of EMT scissors except it cuts bigger cord and much quicker.  You hook the cutter over something and a large handle give you the grip to give it a firm tug.  It works a bit like a gutting knife, but without the danger of cutting someone.

Rope Pack – A custom mat that holds various rope for bondage and suspension.  This is a what?.. plastic?  vinyl?  mat.  It started its life as a table cover but with some glue and Velcro, now I lay it down, give a few pulls and all my rope is neatly laid about in front of me.  I only have two kinds.. nylon and hemp.  I only have three colors after my three favorite chakras…. red.. of course, plus green and purple.  Most of the lengths are thirty feet ( about 10 meters).  I have enough rope to do a nice suspension scene of maybe a little experimenting with foot bondage or rope art.  I am more into floggers though and don’t usually do a rope.. unless maybe I was going to do some fucking while suspended.. now THAT would be fun.

Spare Alcohol – Don’t leave home without it…I owe a bottle to FMB.  I keep forgetting to restock the bag.. Izrina.. don’t let me forget before our next trip to FMB.  We need at LEAST two bottles.. One of us and one for FMB.

Spare Candles – For those nights when you just gotta go long with the fire.  I have a candle for wax play that melts at a lower temp and a few menorah candles that fit into the Fire source cap.  One candle usually get me through a night but there are extras in the fire demo case if I really need them.  More often though, I am begging for a lighter cause mine got finicky.

Travel roll – Everything you could ever want in one small package. Now this baby will require some explanation.  Ever seen one of those travel toiletry cases?  Now think of the handiness of that created for BDSM.  The roll started with two military what.. belts maybe.. that I added snap rivets to so they joined together.  This creates series of pockets in a roll about as long as your arm.  When the whole thing is rolled up, a length of green rope goes around it many times to hold it closed.  When you unroll it,  first, you have about thirty feet of rope to play with.  In front of you, neatly arranged in rows are:

  • A gorgeous red dragons tail.. very loud
  • A wonderful dual leather strap with wooden handle – also loud
  • A small rubber flail flogger
  • A devils stick.. innocent looking and one of my worse toys
  • A multi-color, ten blade wartenberg wheel
  • A blindfold
  • A two sided dagger with forked end for playing with nipples

Basically, this kit as everything you need to start a scene, anywhere, anytime with a wide set of choices where  you want to go, and its about the size of a medium purse.

Violet Case – Last but not least.  The violet case.. Its made from a very small aluminum tool case, but there is so much inside.  First a solid state violet wand, of course.  Also a ten foot extension to get to an outlet no matter how the place is laid out.  An outlet tester, to make sure the outlet is properly grounded.  You’d be amazed at how many businesses and homes are not.  Now for the fun stuff.  I have a custom wartenberg wheel that is designed to make and break the connection as it rolls.  A number of glass attachments in all kinds of shapes though my favorite is shaped like a spoon.. because I can use the flat side for lots of contact or the tip for making the spark jump.  There is one like a comb and other oddities in there.  Also some metal finger tips.  But now we come to my favorite.. a plate that is slightly curved for creating a body probe.  When stuck in a garter or strapped to a thigh, it makes it possible for the whole body of your subject to become a toy.  I combine this with fire, or knives for added fun.  With fire, nothing happens while you hold the wooden handle of the fire wand, but touch the metal and boom.. spark.  Its fun with the freddy fingers or other knives because it makes the knife feel like it is cutting even when it is not..

Not mentioned earlier.. I keep two items on top of the big case.  One is a switch with a nice size leather strip.  The other is a riding crop.  Both can be used to create pain from zero to one hundred.  The riding crop is essentially a rod, not terribly different with what it can do from a cane.

Well.. that’s most of it… I probably left some out.. but that covers the main stuff.