Tantra Meditation

In a meditative state, when I touch the purple chakra, I am outside looking back into myself. There are at least two of me. The observed and the observer. Its a very good place. I can now touch this place anytime and get quite high, no drugs or alcohol required.  What a wonder talent..I love it.  And very useful I might add when you are trapped in boring functions for long periods of time!

Some evenings, Izrina and I get together with good friends, we eat and talk and then we gather in a living room to meditate together.  With good food in bellies that are not too full, I lead us into a tantra meditation.

This involves two people paired for the event.  One will be the male and one will be the female.  Your actual gender doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you take on either male of female energy.  The one to be female, sits cowgirl style on the one to be male, facing each other.

We start with lighting up the red chakra, that warm, red, sexual energy that floods through us with neediness.  Often you sense a throbbing in your genitals as this lights up.

We draw the red energy up through the chakras, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.   We often stop at the heart, or the third eye, simply to enjoy the energy and flow from these places.

We then open the crown and bring down the golden light, the white energy, full of compassion and forgiving.  We let these energies, opposite ends of love, agape and eros, mingle in our hearts bringing balance, and then direct that energy out in visualization of protective walls that surround us.. From this safe place, we decouple from our physical being and then begin a spiritual copulation.

The male brings red energy together into a phallus and thrusts it into his partner.  The female receives the phallus, surrounds it, and squeezes that energy back to the male.  So begins the exchange of energy, back and forth, each to their own kind.   Oddly, the sensation can feel just as good as physical sex, even clothed.  I and others have  experienced wonderful orgasms from this seemingly impossible exchange.

After one particular tantra session, a woman who paired with a woman said… I had a penis…  I didn’t like it…  Yes.. the experience can be quite real.

The greatest gift of this experience is that it also opens our experience to the realization that reality is many ways an illusion.  I like to think there are two paths to enlightenment.. to give up desire, and to burn out desire. I tried the first.  I prefer the latter.

Now an interesting side effect of my meditation with Izrina is the extended level of control I have over her.  I can make her orgasm with just a touch.  I have demonstrated this in dungeons… a few minutes of breathing, a charge of the chakras,  white energy touches red, and she comes quite suddenly. She doesn’t like it when I take the shortcut to her pleasure.  She says that’s “cheating”.  I say the power is too delicious to not use once in a while.  I have also used this power to exercise nightmares that plagued her for years.

The world of Master and slave is big and filled with realities others often can’t imagine could be real.  Its only by testing the water, then diving in, that can you hope to know from experience the possibilities.  It’s worth the effort though. It truly is.

Carpe Diem my friends, be someone’s great day!

2 thoughts on “Tantra Meditation

  1. Great post. Just granted me the inspiration Ive been looking for to finish the next chapter of my novel.

    I no doubt intend to learn this level of Chakra manipulation one day to exercise kit’s nightmares as well.


  2. A lot of it reminded kit of her mom when she practiced Qi Gong. Manipulation of Qi or Chakra…She would do it when kit was sick and such. Should’ve paid more attention back then haha.


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