The dance, as a Master

There is a fine dance that we as Master’s do, that is exciting for both Master and slave alike.

Like a waltz or the tango, we lead our charge in a sexy way, back and forth across the floor, this way and that, our slaves ever bowing to the subtle hints of what we desire their bodies to perform.

Like watching two lovers dance, the exchange of a Master and slave unfolds in front of you in ways that is smoking hot when you know just what is happening.

We enter a room, our slaves attendant to our needs, born of a desire  from deep inside to please the one they serve, and we know this.  We also know there is a terrible fear of displeasing us and so these subtle intimacies present themselves as opportunities to come together and dance as Master and slave.

It is our pleasure to be unpredictable in some ways, keeping our slaves guessing if this will please or displease and in that moment of uncertainty when a slave does not know, THAT is the moment when a Master feels most Dominant.

Surely if you have done this for very long, you have felt that moment, where the slow panic of a possible blunder passes across the slave.  The slave experiences the creeping fear, the dawning that the Master may have been misunderstood and somehow once again you fucked up and displeased the one you want so desperately to please.  In that moment the Dominant reveals the dance with a gentle hint that swings emotions from one direction to another, a spin not unlike one on a floor, a flourish that reveals just how deeply you are understood, how deeply the control goes.  It is in these moments a slave knows they have chose wisely who they wish to serve.  The joy in these moments work both ways.

We as Dominants live for these moments when we can demonstrate that we know our slave almost as well as you know yourself.  When we can pull feelings up from deep inside you and make you feel our control on a level that others barely touch.  We live to serve your submission back to you so that you taste the consent and power you have given like succulent fruit, dripping from your chin.  It is hot and sexy.. a dance like no other, a dance of words and emotions.  I’ve said this before and I say it now, BDSM is a home for the heart like no other.  If entered into with honor and commitment to our sacred roles, there are no boxes that keep us apart.  Two truly become one.

Carpe Diem my friends..  if you have found the one to serve, or even if you have not found the one yet, be someone’s great day!