The experience of Art

No, this not about age and experience, or the art of experience, rather it is about Art AS an experience.

Art takes life and forces us to re-experience it.  Its the child effect, seeing the world through eyes for which everything is new.  Art lets us experience sights, sounds, and textures in new ways, and that brings everything that has turned common and grey back to fresh and new…

You may think, I don’t get art..that’s fine.  But you’ve seen a child staring at an ant or something common, and you’ve heard the laughter of children.  Its infectious, this love of all that is new.  Now ask yourself: Isn’t that something you want to recapture for yourself?  Nurture the sense of wonder in the world through art.  That is its value to you. If you are going to have the ability to be responsible for your happiness, then the ability to take joy in the simple things in life through a fresh start each day, a view of small things through a child’s eyes, is key to this ability.  Remember to play as hard as you work.  Be as silly as you are serious.  Life is about balance.

I get a new piece of Art in my mailbox nearly daily.  I share this blog now, in case you would like to get a daily dose of Art too.  Some recent posts..

Photos of China’s Neon-Lit Alleyways by Marilyn Mugot

Wood Sculptures by Jaehyo Lee

Grey Matter(s): Photos by Tom Jacobi

River Art Murals by Greg Klassen

Its hit or miss, but most days the art is a hit.


And now we return you to our regularly scheduled BDSM beating and Domination, already in progress.  Hope you enjoyed this brief respite.  Hmmm  OK.. maybe not a respite.. more like an interlude…hmmm sojourn?   Ah hell.. Let the fun continue!