I am ignoring you, slave!

Unbelievable! – Can you imagine a responsible Master saying to their slave, “I am ignoring you!”?  Neither can I.   At first blush, I would say NO Master would ever do that.  We are sworn to take away your burdens, to shoulder your worries, we listen dutifully and we act.

Truth is it happens, it happens all the time, and its not a bad thing.  A few years back in the “Cult of fury”  (a dungeon  that was discovered and closed down by panicky nilla’s), I watched as a friend did a scene with his bottom.  She whined and complained and he just ignored her and went on with the scene and I smiled.  It worked for them. I turn to that memory every now and then.

Its a fact that we have safe words because no doesn’t mean no.  In fact, its kind of hot when you ignore a No!, and keep on going.  It gives you that feeling of authenticity, it makes our consensual non-consent relations feel more real.

I was speaking with Vile, a blogger who I am on page with like ivory soap.. 99.9 percent pure, all good info, all the time.  He noted something similar.  There are times that he is exactly like I describe myself.. a slow, steady, unmovable force pushing until his slave molds comfortably, happily, to his desires. I bet Arianna ( his slave ) and Izrina could swap some great stories..

Support groups!  We don’t talk about THIS often enough. Sometimes we DON’T listen.  Oh we hear the protests, the No!, the objection to where we are taking you, but we are going to do it anyway. This is why slaves need support groups.. so they can get together and agree that we are assholes but they still love us.  A great slave will promote the one they serve in public, putting forth only the goods side. That is another reason why support groups are helpful.  We all have these things that we don’t talk about, like the times an Owner didn’t listen.  In the comfort of your fellow slaves company, then is a good time to share, to know we all experience similar things, and agree that its actually a good thing, and sometimes kind of hot.  It is also a time to find out when it is not normal and that might be bad… though if your owner isn’t keeping you from support, I doubt it.  Its the ones who don’t want you in support groups to watch out for.

Deal with it!  In the TPE (total power exchange) or CNC (consensual non-consent) agreement, you signed up for this.  You gave us all this power and we are going to make you do things, that you in your heart know you wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for us.

Its not that we don’t listen, we do.. but and forgive me because I know you are not children so this makes a poor analogy, but we do sometimes treat you like children who are whining about chores.  We hear you and we are still going to make you do them anyway.  Sometimes the results are awesome.

The good side – She who is my canvas, Izrina, if she is NOT in the middle of being made to do something and therefore in a less generous mood.. will tell you that I have pushed her into many things and in many ways she is much better off for it.  Specifically in the areas of health and finance, I’ve made very useful changes in her life.

Speaking of Izrina, she has been listed as a Boot Black in the 2017 North East Power Exchange competitions schedules page (here).  She’s nervous, but once she is sitting with her sister slaves, that will calm right down.  I love to see slaves working and laughing together.

IMPORTANT STUFF!   I think its important to note that at times a CNC may appear to actually be NOT consensual.  Slaves whine, and complain, and object, and we go right on doing things anyway.

Sometimes its hot!..On your back wench and spread your legs!  Sometimes not so much.. My back is killing me.. can I just do oral service?

Sometimes Dominants appear to be insensitive, and on one level we are.  Its kind of like the old tough love thing, we have to harden ourselves to push you to the places you asked us to make you go.

Nothing is ever as easy or simple as it sounds. When you get right down to it, a real Dominant is always open to criticisms of abuse, both physical and verbal. A slave gives the gift of trust.  We don’t think about it very often, but in a way, a Dominant gives a lot of trust too.  We are often risking very real, legal intervention in our lives.  We take on this risk, in part because we too trust.  That is, we trust this won’t be turned against us.

When you hear bad things about Dominants, here are two quotes to go with it.

Remember this-EVERY accusation of consent violation has a predator and a victim..every one. The real question is, who is the predator and who is the victim? ~ Xtac Quote

If you ever hear a bad story about me understand that there was a time I was good to those people too, but they wont tell you that. ~ Author unknown


13 thoughts on “I am ignoring you, slave!

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  5. In my book, with consent goes the right to make all decisions that were not negotiated away. Consent is key to negotiations and negotiations will always be different between different people, so long story short – It only works if it works for you. Glad you visited and commented!

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  7. If I hear bad things about me I shrug it off. At a local MAsT meeting we were discussing TPE.
    I got up and left the room because I Vap. Once outside everyone pounced on Arianna about our TPE because some feel I’m to strict.
    So are we in fact Master and Slave or are we living a fantasy much like most christians do on sundays.

    I can tell you I take care of my slaves needs , I can tell you we have zero drama I simply will not allow. We have zero problems because what happens outside our front door does not effect us in anyway.
    TPE is not a 9 to 5 gig nor can you just turn off you’re Dominance or slavery.

    Most of those who have something negative to say are the single computer Dominants and you want to give me advice really ?

    Just on a rant

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  8. Rant on! LOL! I’m lovin it. Dealing with some people and their concepts is often like cats in a bag. Best to let em out, so we can go our own way.


  9. There is no BDSM bible , books that are written are opinions and checking the stock market, I did not see opinions .
    When people go to counseling what do you get for 150 an hr? You get a fucking opinion.

    You are doing this wrong ? You can’t do that to your slave really ?

    Vile you are to strict on Arianna you need to let up , really ?

    Just where did you get you’re info from ? Mickey Domination and Submission? Well we see how his advice worked out now didn’t we?

    At munches look around and see who is wearing a collar.

    The answer none or maybe one or two because it is Sunday .

    Those who or most who are giving advice are more fucked up.

    Very few live a true M’s relationship there for those who are telling you that you are wrong have no clue .

    Again at muchs look are at the protocols, the way the subs act .

    Walk a 1/4 mile in you’re shoes or just begin to explain the responsibility you have. Watch how they just give you a blank stare .

    When you ask me for advice I don’t give you my opinion, I give you something I’ve done in live or maybe food for thought.

    If you want advice sit down let me tell you a few stories.

    We as Master true owners all have stories to share. We can’t fix you nor do we want you.

    So you sit down take out a piece of paper , get ya a pen and write two words.

    Choices and consequences.
    There are all of you’re answers, write you’re own stories and keep you’re nose out of others business.

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