Identity research – your help requested

So, as I was reading my previous post, I began to wonder.. is there a connection between politics and BDSM identity?  I never said that a submissive is going to lean left, or that a Dominant is going to lean right, but it is a curious thought, don’t you think?

Let’s find out, shall we?

Ok Dominants, you take the lead.  This first poll is purely for the Dominants.  If you are a slave or submissive, feel free to check the latest results, but please do not skew the results of this experiment by taking this first poll.

Submissive types follow..This second poll is for the slaves and submissive types.  If you are a Dominant, I know that you want to control everything, and love to make yourself heard, but please don’t skew these results by participating in this poll.  Feel free however to view what those sTypes are thinking. 

If you do not identify as either a Dominant or an sType, I am sorry that I left you out but really, for the purposes of seeing if there is a clear connection between self identity, and politics, it would skew the results to have persons participate that do not self identify as a Master, Dominant, slave, or submissive.  Thank you however for reading my blog.

Here is what all the hub-bub is about.  This idea I put forth:

Democracies are doomed because of BDSM orientation – We all live in spheres of power.. with parents, and employers, and government.  We all, nilla’s included, have a general preference. We generally desire to live our lives in one of two basic ways:  as a child or as an adult. 

If we want everything in our life to be taken care of for us, and are willing to give up some of our personal power for that care, we are on the left side of the political fence.  Communism promises that no one will be without a job, or a home, or food, or medical care. This mentality is also consistent with submission and living within child like responsibilities. 

And if we want no one to interfere in our lives, if we want total responsibility for our lives and are willing to accept the consequences of that condition, we are on the right side of the fence.  This is the mentality of the ultra right capitalist.  This mentality is also consistent with Dominant and living with adult like responsibilities.

Because one each side is diametrically opposed to the other, and yet each wants government to be shaped to their needs, we will forever be at each others throats on this.  It has been this way forever, and will forever be this way.  From mankind earliest days, when the first societies  formed the first primitive cultures, when the very first crude villages formed, these two groups existed.. and always will exist.

10 thoughts on “Identity research – your help requested

  1. The qualifier “Anecdotally”, precludes my need to say this, but because I love to hear my self speak I’ll make this comment anyway.. The value of that observation can only be validated by a large sampling… Hugs em.. Thanks for contributing!

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  2. I hope you find a large enough sample size to be able to reach a conclusion of statistical significance. (Also, not to muddy the waters, but there really are other potentially significant variables. I’m guessing that your sampling will be weighed to the male dominant /female submissive side, so without also asking gender and including vanilla folk in the study, you won’t be able to say if your result was more closely correlated to dominance or sex).

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  3. I suspect you might be conflating submissive and little. I am a submissive, but I live my life very much as an adult, with heavy responsibilities. I am the primary breadwinner in my home. I am capable of managing a large and diverse crew, and do it very well. Am I capable of leadership? Yes. Do I make a slamming good second in command? Yes, even more yes than leader. I shine when I am able to serve. I live for it.

    Being a strong, exceptionally capable, independant woman makes the act so much more powerful when I submit. I do not submit to just anyone. You better earn my respect. That doesn’t make me unsubmissive, it makes me smart. Being submissive doesn’t abrogate my responsibility for myself.

    My politics and my feelings about social responsibility are left leaning, not because I want to be taken care of, or are incapable of doing that, but because I believe that we need to take care of our own. I also believe that in this day and age we need to expand who “our own” is beyond immediate family and friends out into the larger community. It’s not communism, it’s compassion and collaboration.


  4. Don’t forget age… A lot of us start out leaning left and as we acquire more wealth, shift right, then left again when we need retirement benefits. Yeah.. this is finger painting but it still fun.

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  5. Maybe. The thought occurred to me that the way I described the need of a submissive might might ruffle some little feathers. Exacting definitions however is a fool’s errand, full of bad feelings. I prefer to work in generalities, knowing its flawed, but better than arguing.


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  7. Truth be known I had been left since 1979. It was just this past election this bright bulb came on over my head.

    As a matter of fact I lost a lot of friends because of the election or were they really friends ?

    Shrugs I still sleep at night


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