X says ~ Must see videos

OK.. now, thanks to emdimensional, I have TWO highly recommended, must see videos.

The first, The Butterfly Circus.. I have long promoted.  This is absolutely for everyone.

Eternity and infinity hold all possibilities and in a state of all possibilities existing simultaneously, rationality can not function. ~Xtac Quote

I have long maintained that we are children of God, free to roam all time and all space and for whom all things are possible.  Imagine my surprise after nearly sixty years into this life, to finally find a kindred spirit. If any of my thinking upsets your beliefs,  then you may not want to watch this new X ~ must see:  The egg


The infinite monkey theorem states that book “War and Peace” could be typed entirely by shear random coincidence, every dotted period, every comma, every letter, every space, every page of that monstrous long book, by a monkey, given an infinite amount of time.

People do not realize how silly it is, that the deeds of one human lifetime should earn you an eternity of hell or heaven.   A human lifetime is so utterly insignificant a span of time, an utterly small, microscopic, speck, a super micro particle on a speck, compared to the incredibly vast, boundless expanses of eternity.

To put a feeble analogy on it, it is like you own every bit of gold on the earth, the coins, the bullion, the nuggets below the ground and above.  Plus all the gold in the universe.  Rooms filled with gold.  Mansions filled with gold.  So much gold you can build streets and walls with it. Cities with it.   All that gold is this precious gift we call life.

And God says.. here is a speck.. let me see how you use my gift.  I am taking one fleck from one of my thousands of piles of gold dust that I will give you… one fleck only.. I want you to spend it.  And if I like the way you spent that fleck of gold I will let you keep all of the gold in the universe -an eternity of life, my most precious gift to you.  But if you spend it poorly I will take it all away and I will torture you for every fleck of gold that I took away, I will send you to hell for all eternity. You will never have anything to spend again ever and you will suffer.  You get everything or nothing based on that one small fleck.  If you spend it poorly it all goes away.  No second chances.  No opportunity to show you learned your lesson.  I won’t check on you again, to see if you are now a better person.  You will waste away, far from my eyes.

And if you spend well, then the test is over and you can spend billions and billions of specs. I won’t check if you spend them badly because the test was is over.  I don’t care about all the other gold I gave you, just that one tiny speck.

Put into another analogy, it would be like trying to decide if a person stays in jail for life based on their behavior in the first five minute after birth.

It would be like deciding if a you loved or hated a person based on the first syllable out of their mouth.  Not even the first word.. Just the first syllable of the first word. Hate or love forever, based on that.

Does that seem to you like a test filled with compassion, love, understanding and above all forgiveness?  Does this seem like a test you would impose on your children.. children you profess to love?

Wait.. it gets better.. God won’t tell you the rules personally, no he sent many messengers and each has a different set of rules.   Yeah… when you think about eternity, much of traditional religions sort of fall short for a thinking person.

Here is another thing about eternity.  Think of standing on a set of train tracks on a flat plain.  For as far as you can see, the tracks disappear into the distance.   You turn the other way and again, the tracks disappear into the distance.  So you think, in one of these two directions is the beginning, the start of the these tracks.  Logically we know that there is a beginning and an end.  But eternity has no such concept.  The tracks go forever in one direction and forever in the other.  No beginning and no end.  As it was in the beginning, so it is now, and ever shall be, world without end.  Time can go forever in both directions which means, that which exists now, may have always existed.  Somethings didn’t have to come from some place.. they just always were.. always existed.  There is no start, no creation, only a cycle of destruction and rebirth.  Its mind blowing.

Then there is infinity.  Eternity blows your mind about time, but infinity blows your mind about space.  If buzz light year can go to infinity and beyond, then he will be traveling forever.  Like the monkey theorem, if space is infinite, that means eventually, completely by random chance, somewhere else is a planet just like this one.

If you travel to infinity, you find world after world, and some will be like this one, and another, another.  Some will be exact copies, down to every leaf on a tree and every leaf that has fallen.  Every rock in place, and rain drop falling.  If infinity and eternity are real, there is not a copy of you running around on another world, there are many copies of you running around on many worlds.

We are not talking about science fiction here, we are talking simple logic.  If there is no end to time and no end to space, in either direction, then all things are possible.  Its the monkey theorem.   Again, when I talk about eternity and infinity, I am not talking religion.  But when I think about eternity and infinity, it shapes my thinking, especially around religion.

If you are wondering if I believe in God, my simple answer is yes.  My complex answer is no.  I do not have faith.  I have person experience that tells me there is something, what most might call God, that does exist.  I have tasted love and light so complete it is beyond words.  I don’t need faith.  I don’t have answers or words. I DO have knowledge based on experience.  Its why I must be the spiritual leader in my M/s relation.  I can help guide a person to their own experience, but I can not say what that person’s experience will be, what words they will put to that direct knowledge.  It is why I mingle BDSM with tantra meditation. Sorry to get all mystical there.

Normally, I try to put these ideas into more practical terms..  we have two great quests in life.. to learn to be happy, and to learn to make good decisions.  That’s easy to explain.  Easy to teach.  And on that path, we learn of power and love.  We learn of passion and compassion.  Of the ebb and flow of the universe, the value of things, the ying and the yang, that which we are here to do.. to become better children of God, or the universe.. if that works better for you.  Nameste.


A side note:  Like the concept put forth in the egg, I believe we each live in our own universe, but unlike the egg, I believe we run into other souls… kind of like a venn diagram.. but I won’t go into that now.  Its enough for me that the egg opens people to the concepts of eternity and infinity.  Its bad from my point of view, because it teaches us we are alone with God.. I don’t believe that.  And most of all, it is bad because we could be seeing the birth of a new religion. 



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