A strong will

Jian Ghomeshi won his appeal.  His lawyer, a woman, is now being threatened with losing speaking engagements.  Her presence is a little too strong.. After reading a few news articles, I wrote this:

If you advocate change, you do it by changing laws, and you start preparing to change laws by listening to your opponents. Insisting opposing views be silenced and going to counselors for therapy if things don’t go your way, is counter productive to your desired outcome.

I explained all that, because if I just came out with that quote, you might think I was speaking of the US election.  I was not.. but the same holds true.

This is very much why some religious folks turn me off.. the idea that everything that God said in a religious text is true and they have an absolute moral imperative to hate on the non-believers, is part of what is destroying us from within.  What started as a hippy-counter culture-movement to greater love and appreciation for the dignity of our fellow men is devolving.

Being sensitive does not entitle you to hate on the insensitive. ~ Xtac Quote!!

Love and peace is great until we start to feel a level of moral superiority and then the slippery slope to absolute evil and suppression starts.  The very notion of “hate crimes” scares the hell out of me.  We can now pass judgement on a persons thoughts and prosecute for that?  Shouldn’t their actions be the only reason to prosecute?

Think about it.. Free people just want to be left alone and want to leave you alone as well.  The philosophy is, your business is your business.  The more we muck around in other people’s thinking, the more entitlements and evil we insist on “for the common good”. Action my friends, is the only truth.  Prosecute people for what they do to you, not for what they think or didn’t do for you.  Freedom is nothing, and yet it opens your world to every possibility.  That’s a scary proposition, but one any Dominant will embrace.  Wow!

Just wow… I think in my kicking around this sticking point, I just hit on a problem vexing the world forever.   Maybe Aristotle had it right after all.  Part of society is comprised of Dominants that want total control over all aspects of their life without intervention and part of society is comprised of persons that want to be shielded and cared for, and that is the basis for all of our basic conflicts in fundamental thinking regarding the ideal form of government.  Democracy puts these two basic needs in conflict.  So we experiment with fascism and representational government.  Now there is a thought to chew on.  My mind is on fire.

I was getting ready to head out and Izrina began to put on her coat.  Her car was parked a bit away and she was clearly thinking that if I was leaving, I could drop her at her car.

I simply HATE topping from the bottom, and I hate when my slave assumes that I will do something before she has asked.  Here is why.

AFTER she has put her coat on, if she THEN asks if I’ll take her, the good guy in me has this feeling like I have no choice but to make her happy.  But the Master in me wants to prove I am in charge and is inclined to say no, even if I might have been happy to do this favor.  For the Master in me, now it has become less about what I would do and more about showing that I will make the decisions. I simply won’t be topped from the bottom.

So I said, you appear to think I will drop you off at your car.  And she said, “Do what ever pleases you Master.”

Have I mentioned I love this girl?   I thought about it for a moment.  It WOULD please me to drop her off.  It would please me to open the car door for her, and to see her safely to her car.  Now I was only a little frustrated.  I needed to convey that I wouldn’t be topped from the bottom.  But she clearly would accept  any decision I made.  How can you fight with that?  You can’t.  Take a note.. Always getting your way can sometimes cause a short circuit in your brain.

So I explained the turmoil she created by putting on her coat before asking, and I explained how she defused it by the way she replied, and I made it clear that she should not expect to get every thing she asks for.  The only frustration remaining was that her reply told me she already knew this.  That of course leads me right back to testing if she really would accept any decision “because it pleased me”.  And why should I have to do what doesn’t please me, just to test if she accepts the decision?  Better if we skip these things and never imply an outcome is anticipated – but – that really was a good reply.

The little minx knows me too well. I think she is starting to anticipate and read me as well as I have read her all these years.  We are becoming like a well oiled machine whose gears mesh perfectly, each complimenting the other in pleasing ways.

So there you have it dear readers, some insight into a very brief but deep exchange that is all just a moment in the 24×7 existence that can be yours, if you make the dream reality. I suppressed the desire to spank her on the spot and showed her to the car. That Ds quickie just made me horny.   Life is truly good.  Carpe Diem my friends…. go make a great day!

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