Love and hugs

A few blogs back, I had dropped off my daughter at College and while things were OK, I just wasn’t feeling it.. that joy I so often feel that springs up inside and keeps on bubbling to the surface like some artesian well. Well a number of people read this blog, and a few are close friends.

This one is for you Raven..  Thank you.  I wasn’t asking for help, and you didn’t offer it,  you simply reminded me that I am loved, and a great dad.  It was extremely thoughtful, and it rekindled the warm feelings I have always had for you, that we have shared, for a very long time.  I love you too.   I have thought back frequently to that morning you called, and it reminds me of just how important it is to have someone that cares deeply about you, who is concerned for your well being, and loves you perhaps unconditionally, or perhaps erotically, or maybe a little of both.  Certainly, for you I feel a little of both.  Thank you for being an exceptional human being, intelligent, warm,  caring.. and of course I cannot list your wonderful qualities without mentioning how cute you, especially when your submissive side is showing.

My friends, readers, and minions, love and hugs are some of the best healers, right up there with laughter.  If its been too long since you told someone important to you, that you love them, then do it now.

You figure out how long is too long.. I say it when ever I feel it, which is pretty damn often. Carpe Diem my friends… go be someone’s great day!