Ds “quickies”

You know what a “quickie” is, right?  Its when you slip into the shower and “get some” before showing up five minutes late for work.  Or maybe you are at a dinner party and “share” the bathroom before checking that your clothes and hair are properly back in place.  Sure we all like to start a slow burning fire of passionate kisses that leaves plenty of time for wetness and heat to merger into a steaming kettle.. but there is nothing wrong with a little quick satisfaction.. its fun to indulge that naughty side.

Here is the thing.. when your kink is power exchange you can indulge those urges to grab a handful of hair, to sneak in a secret slap on the ass.  You can be just a little naughty, and push your slave up against the wall at opportune moments, get into her space, and let her know just how much you are going to use her later.

Domination is not sex, and it kind of pisses me off that some legal systems treat a Dominatrix as a prostitute, but I can’t deny that objectifying a tasty little morsel of subby is damn near every bit as hot as sex.  I’ve said it before, a woman in a dungeon with a perfect body can walk by completely naked and I’ll be interested but not hard.  But a slightly older, slightly overweight woman who curls up all submissive like and whispers “yes sir” at me will make me hard in an instant.  Power exchange is my kink and nothing does it for me like submission.

To further make my point, there are plenty a vanilla couple out there where one or the other deeply desires to be part of Ds relation.  Let’s say its the wife, and she wants to be submissive to a strong willed man, but her husband just can’t do it.  So they agree to allow her to submit to a Dominant, and agree that she will be faithful to her marriage and not have sex with this man…  Oooops!    Huge mistake.  What this hapless husband doesn’t realize is that once his wife tastes that which deeply and passionately fulfills her dark needs, she will be devoted; more committed to this Dominant, than she can ever be to him.  She may only have sex which him, but her heart will be with the Dominant that makes her come alive.

Its hard to explain, why we like a thing.  Why do we like breasts, or an ass, or hard cock.  It’s hard to explain why piss, or feet do it for some people.  Its hard to explain why having control, or giving it, does it for some people.  We just need to accept that however it is that we ended up “wired this way”, its who we are and its OK to indulge in private, our needy desires.

And that takes me back to Ds quickies.  Having established that Dominance does it for us, and there are lots of compelling examples to prove this is so, let’s get down to the serious business of “getting some”.

My slave can’t eat until she feeds me a bite of her food, and I say its delicious.  I torture her in public all the time, and no one knows.  I open her doors for her.  I can do this as gentleman, or as a sadist.  I buckle her seat belt, and when I am feeling like a Ds quickie, I do it before I get in the car.  I lean into her space, draw the belt across her breasts, cinch it tightly, give it a good tug. Think about it.  The semi-rough fabric, drawn deliberately and slowly over nipples, all while in quite a public place, and you make sure your slave knows exactly what you plan to do, and then do it, slowly and deliberately being as naughty as you can get away with.

For no reason at all, I may order her to hand me her panties, or push her to the wall, or grab a handful of hair.  I have a way of creating pain with pressure points that is barely noticeable to others.  At a buffet, you can order your slave to come back only with yellow colored foods.  Or order her to cross the room walking heal to toe, so that her ass rolls in lovely figure eights just for you.  There are so many ways to grab a little Ds quickie and if power is your kink, every one you do is freaking hot.. and might lead to the other kind of quickie.. if you can find five minutes of privacy.

Carpe Diem, my friends.  Now go get some!



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