The phoenix has risen!

I don’t compromise with my slave, I compromise with reality. ~ Quote – Raven Kaldera, speaking about being flexible as a Master.  In his own way, he was speaking about what I call equity of exchange, what I point to when I speak of our uncommon currency. He was speaking of the need for both parties to achieve happiness from the exchange of power.

I went to see Raven Kaldera speak this evening, and as is usually the case, he had his slave Joshua Tenpenny with him.  I love their workshops.  Raven is everything you would expect of a seasoned Master with decades of experience.  Joshua when he’s happy, gives off a vibe like a bouncy little puppy.  Its just really warm, good stuff, with lots to think about.

The juices are flowing and I have a lot to write about now, but I’ll save them for after I’ve had some rest.  I was just so excited to feel the phoenix rise, I had to get some of it on paper.  That quote by the way rocked so much I had to share it.  Yeah baby! I love when I love life.. It’s so worth the effort to get your head in a good place.  Carpe Diem, my friends.