As gentle as … Strength

Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is as gentle as real strength – Penelope Cruz – a character in the TV show Criminal Minds

A story of pacifists.  We were watching a science fiction show tonight and in it, humans visited a world inhabited by very simple, very peaceful pacifists with the power of invisibility.  When threatened, they just disappeared.  The humans were at war with a very technologically advanced race that used their power to enslave other races, and both the humans and their enemy had come to the planet of this peaceful race looking to unlock the secrets of their invisibility.

The humans wanted to defend the pacifists, but the pacifists would have no fighting on their world.  The moral behind the tale was the age old argument, can  a pacifist stand their ground effectively in the face of overwhelming evil?  In the end, it turned out that even though the pacifist race lived a simple life in huts, gathering fruits and nuts, they actually were more technologically advanced than the humans or their enemy, and so were quite capable of halting any aggression in an effective manner, without harming anyone.

A fallacy.  In the end, the producer of this entertainment,  showed us that the logic of returning violence with violence does not have to be the only recourse.  As I thought about this, I realized the reason this worked, is because the pacifists had overwhelming technological advantages.  If they were not stronger, they would have faced the same dangers and choices the humans did.  Their smug superiority was only made possible by great strength.  It was something to give some further thought to.

The paradox of Great Strength.  It has been said that the best form of government is a benevolent dictatorship yet little is more repugnant to a free society than a dictatorship.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and yet when all power rests with an ethically pure person of strength and wisdom, the system they would impose can root out corruption, injustice, inequality, and other misuse of power.  A dictatorship is as good or evil as the dictator.

Imagine your life in the hands of someone with unlimited power.  Such a thought should be somewhat terrifying.  Yet, when someone of great power and strength shows us kindness far beyond their station, we often become devotees, followers of that person.  Great strength does not acquire followers by the use of the strength, but by the restraint of it.

Strength and BDSM.  Of course I can not think of such things without also thinking how they apply to my canvas, to our lives.   My girl has great personal strength.  She demonstrates this in the way she trusts me to guide her in all things.  She is quite brilliant, quite capable in her own right to make decisions about her life yet she desires that I dominate her.  She desires that I make the decisions for her.  So it takes a strength of my own, to show confidence, to be transparent and truthful, to share in my considerations for decisions, but not be indecisive or flexible in the dispensation of my power acquired by admiration and consent.  We each have our strengths, at oddly apposing and complimentary juxtaposition.

Izrina sort of dozed off earlier than I tonight and as I ran my fingers through her hair, I was struck again with feelings of great appreciation for this person who worships at my feet.  I wrote recently that I have something many only dream of.  It is true.  I have a quote from long ago that again comes to mind:

It is strange to a Nilla, that in bondage, a slave finds freedom. But in keeping boundaries, these same people create a prison from which their hearts are never truly free. This is a sadness that pains and frustrates me. I wish they could see, what I see. ~Xtac Quote

I have moments of great joy that I can not adequately express.  Tonight I had many such moments.  I have learned so much over the years about strength, how true strength comes from an honorable place of conviction, and it is part of what brings me to this place in my life.

If you would be a Master, your gift is Domination.  You must demonstrate true strength not from that which you can take, but that which you hold in reserve.  Be slow to anger, steadfast in  your conviction, honorable in your intention.  Be worthy of worship by demonstrating quiet strength that serves you both, and applying it with wisdom in your sacred role.

If you would be a slave, your greatest gift is trust.  As we do not throw pearls before swine to be trampled, so too, do not allow your desire to be in service blind you to a Master who would not show true strength.  Show your own strength, by holding fast to your ethics, to protecting the property that is yourself, and to honoring your sacred role with wisdom and trust.

Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other. ~ Quote, Dalai Lama

I have three important women in my life.  My mother, my daughter, and my slave Izrina.   I am blessed that they all enjoy each others company.   All are a challenge at times, but they give my life meaning.  Words can not express the joy I feel sometimes, the sense of wonder in the adventures we undertake together.  I cherish those adventures past, and I look forward with anticipation those to come.  Life is good.  Carpe Diem, my friends.