That’s not camping!

What does a Master who’s been on the road for a solid week do when he get back to his slave?  He packs up the car for a weekend in the woods with his girl.  Sure it means more travel, plus work to setup and time to take down all the gear, but what the hell.  Once you get to the woods there’s not a lot to do but eat, drink, and talk.  Good way to get some one on one.

So as I was inflating the air mattress in the tent and Izrina says, “That’s not camping!”.  I didn’t make her sleep on the ground for that, but I did offer her ass and a riding crop to a couple of nilla friends.  I think one enjoyed it way too much.  Interesting experiment.  I discovered that if you feed alcohol to a nilla, and put a riding crop in their hand, and ass in front of them, you can pretty quickly sort out the ones with potential to be a sadist.

So now Vegas, AND labor day camping is behind me.  Time to get back to work.

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