Vegas and the missing owls

The mystery – Tonight’s chapter of living with X touches on Vegas and the case of missing owls.  Earlier this evening I went to a party in which there was quite literally over a thousand people. Big, loud, free, and a lot of fun.

Eight Ball, the other Dominant part of my life. – There was one, count em, one pool tables.  I got on the table and proceeded to kick ass for about three hours.  If you are not familiar with the way eight ball works on a pool table, the winner of the last game owns the table, and challengers line up.  As long as you keep winning, you keep playing on that one game you paid for.  IF you lose, a new king of the table emerges to be challenged.  A great player can win all night, and therefore never have to wait to play, since no one can kick them off the table.  Since I planned to leave around 10, it worked out well that I had my first loss at ten.  Amazing how that worked out.

On being a gunslinger – There is a downside to winning, and winning, and winning.  The pressure mounts to keep the winning streak going, and crowds form, some cheering for you to keep winning, and some cheering for someone, anyone, to take you down.  I love eight ball.  Its an area I shine.  I get to be my cocky, winning, charming, disarming self, and draw a crowd.  What’s not to like?

Adventure time – But I left the free food, free drinks, and attention to go visit with the Las Vegas Night owls.  A group that meets for a munch every Wednesday night from 10 to 2am.  I had just enough time to catch a bus to my car, and take my car to get there by midnight.  I mentioned that I would show up in this thread. (fetlife account required to open the link)

The plot thickens  – I mentioned in the thread that I would be there around midnight, hopefully if things went well at 11, but since they say the typically go to 2am, and since I mentioned I was coming, I felt confident in having company tonight. I found the place, a Denny’s and no one of interest was in the place.  So I did what any good Dominant would do.  I strode up to one of the girls at the counter and said:  I hear you have a group that meets here called the “night owls”.  She said:, Yes, they normally stay late but tonight they left early. 

Investigation completed – I politely thanked the waitress, went on to Fet, mentioned I was there, would be to 1:30 and mentioned I was disappointed.  Inside though, I am thinking.. REALLY???  FUCKING REALLY???  Tonight, you decide to turn in early when I clearly stated I would show up and after I gave up a rocking free party for this?  FUCKING REALLY????  Breath slowly… deep breaths… oooooommmmmm.

So now I back at my room, full of pancakes and no good stories, no  banter, no time with people like myself to share with you.  Assuming there were any people like myself to meet with.  I am not one of a kind, but damn near it.  If the shoe was on the other foot, I would have stayed to 12:20, just to see if the NYS dude showed up.  I was thinking this was going to be the cap of an awesome evening and the highlight of a great trip.  Ah well, the pancakes were good, and I did kick ass, and I don’t believe in making yourself unhappy… So I’ll capture this temporary set back for prosperity and move on.  I should be unhappy with disappointment, but not dwell on it.  Such a shame.  I bet it would have been a great time to sit and talk.

Bacardi time! – Still, the evening was pretty fucking awesome.  The crowds that gathered to watch the winning streak was good for my ego.  I made a lot of new friends. Time for a Bacardi and coke, and unwind a bit.  You know, maybe not being treated like an out of town celebrity in Vegas, was just the ego check I needed to balance the earlier crowds drawn.  Yeah, that’s the perspective to take.  I’ll catch enough sleep to start another busy day.  Carpe Diem my friends.