Two rituals, part 3

If you read my earlier blog on ULCA research, you can probably skip this.  The second ritual, the one my slave ends each day with, is to send me three things she is grateful for.  I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart, to see the beautiful things she writes.  Tonight she sent thanks for these

  • 221
  • friends
  • Late night calls from M

The last one is sweet. I have been calling in the wee hours of the early am, because I have been up late and calling when I get ready to fall asleep, which for her is maybe 2 or 3 in the morning.  But she is thankful for that call.  This warms my heart.  221 is our Ds way of saying I love you and more. It means two to one, or that two people become one person.  It means one heart, one will, one purpose for living, shared by two people.  It is my way of saying more than I love you, in a way that we both can understand, appreciate, and be warmed by.

The second ritual is to keep a appreciation journal. The idea of a gratitude journal is backed by science and research.  Be Grateful!

  • Yale studies say a gratitude journal will result in higher alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness, and energy.
  • Stanford offers a high-demand class leveraging gratitude journals, which made students 27% less stressed.
  • Harvard studies indicate gratitude improves health and strengthens relationships.
  • UC-Berkeley research indicates a gratitude journal improves sleep and decreases illness.
  • Columbia research says gratitude improves the immune system, while reducing anxiety and/or depression.

I am zealot now for an gratitude journal.  Where before I was not a believer, now I am.  All I can say to you is try it.  I am aware that my path to happiness is not yours, but this I feel makes a difference, and perhaps it can for you as well.   I prefer Izrina to text what she is greatful for, when she is way.   Otherwise the ritual is part of bedtime.

A living with X update – I got to do a little eight ball domination earlier.  Later, I got an invite to a private party on the roof of an exclusive location.  The view of Vegas was spectacular, the food incredible, and the company exceptional.  I am living good, and I feel a little guilty for it, without my slave by my side.  I know what pleases me, pleases her, and I am sure she is following my admonishments to find her happiness, but it is still easy to miss a voice or touch.  I’ll wake her before sleeping with a call, give her a 221, and she’ll coo softly, barely awake, to fall back asleep.  I miss that girl.  Ah well.  Where ever we find ourselves, that’s were our happiness needs to be.  I think I’ll send some gratitude tonight to her.  She deserves something nice from Master for being such a good girl.