Two rituals, part 2

My slave honors me with the gift of trust.  I give her my gift of Domination.  If you announced this to your stuffy relatives, or co-workers, they would seem strange words indeed.  To most people, the idea that my Domination would be a gift is a concept so foreign, it can be fairly repulsive.  For that matter, to love, honor, and obey will even set some people’s hair on fire.

Ritual one, consent, a deeper dive – Yesterday I spoke of our two rituals.  Today I want to speak of the first ritual.  The ritual of Daily Consent.  The most important reason for this ritual is because no matter how much we desire this thing we call consensual slavery, it doesn’t work unless we wash away the daily grim of common thinking.   Some people can not see how, when one person helps another, that there can be no gratitude, no reciprocation for that.  Every day, all day, in so many ways, this thinking bombards us, eroding the foundations of our sacred roles.

Of course a Master appreciates the service of their slaves, but to dote upon such things is detrimental to the greater truth that the Master provides what can not exist without the gift of domination.  It can be very difficult for some to see beyond the balance sheets, the compensation that is received for services provided, and one of the first payments expected is gratitude for services rendered.

Now the weird thing is that appreciation for the gift of Domination can’t work if there ISN’T adequate compensation, but that compensation is in uncommon currency.  This uncommon currency exists only because of the values that we uniquely hold in this endeavor, those simple things that we value because we desire to be fulfilled by the intensity of a relationship others do not and often cannot understand.

Coming alive! – So it is that because my slave desires to be in service to someone she admires, someone that she can worship and please, someone who makes that part of her come alive in a way that few others understand, because of all of this, my Domination is a gift, not a curse.  To hold fast to this understanding, to not allow the daily interaction with the world to soil our dream, we must renew each day the understanding that she can only offer her service, and her trust.  She may not even ask for my Domination, as it is I who will make all decisions, including the one that will grant her the boon that is my gift.

What I do with her must be begged for on bended kneed.  If a slave can’t humble themselves to beg to be Dominated, a Master is well advised to steer clear because this is a person who will not value the gift of Domination, and will eventually come to regret the request to serve.  There can be no equity of exchange, if there is no deep desire, no value, in being Dominated.  I consider it to be of critical importance, to hold fast to our sacred roles, and the mindsets behind them, begging to be Dominated, the offer of trust, the desire to Dominate, and the offer of my Domination.

The second reason for the Consent Ritual – There is a second reason for the Consent ritual.  A fairly long time ago I drew up a draft slave contract.  You might find it distasteful, because it is in the language and mindset of people OUTSIDE ours.  Because my contract might someday need to be understood by persons who are NOT a Master or slave, and who might find our way of living distasteful, even repugnant and illegal, I wrote this contract to be reviewed in a court of our lands, and understood by persons whose minds come from foreign lands – even though they may live right next door to us.

If you have a Fetlife account you can read that slave contract here:
A slave contract that can be read by a nilla

One of the dangers that we face is that from outside our relationship, what we do can appear to be abuse.  In my blog “Gym time, and abuse”, I point out just how easy it is for police, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and generally everyone around us, to think we are creating an abusive situation.   Hell even I worry at times.  The more I create this MasterPiece that is my canvas, the more I need to know that it continues to be consensual in a way that anyone can understand.

Stockholm syndrome – It is possible for a person to claim consent when they should not.  If you are not familiar with the Stockholm syndrome, this is a situation where a hostage who is in clear danger from their hostage taker, can begin to like and trust the very person that poses a danger to their life.  Another example is when a domestic abuser creates an environment that makes it nearly impossible for the victim to leave.   A person who is aware of these examples and is unfamiliar with DS, may assume a slave is a victim.

What makes it possible to have Domination and Love together is captured in microcosm in the first ritual. The idea of uncommon currency.   To ensure that we are never accused of creating a forced consent relation, my slave contract spells out specifically, that the slave will periodically renew their desire to serve, and will do so while away from the Master they serve, in a way where there is a fair degree of certainty that if the desire to flee was present, the slave could flee and escape the Master they serve.  The ability to flee, to get away, to end the relation, and the request to continue, to demonstrate a desire to return, is critical to establishing that we are operating in a mindset that desires the continuation of consensual Domination.

Ability to flee.-   The one thing an abuser can not have, is an interruption in their flow of control.  To continue to control, an abuser must isolate the victim and keep them from being able to flee, while instilling fear of contemplating, let along actually trying an escape.  This combined with control of movement and money prevents escape.   How much different we must be.   We must encourage our slave to get out, to join support groups, to be with other slaves, to have freedom of movement, to question if what they do brings them happiness.  I make my slave beg to serve by text each day because it validates to both of us that this is not abuse, that she deeply desires this and cherishes it.  Her fear should be that I will not offer to Dominate her, not that I will Dominate her.



Your  daily dose of living with X  – Tomorrow I will speak to the second ritual.  And now its time for a living with X update, but first a special message for my slave, who of course, always reads this.

My dearest Izrina.  Though I may be apart from you, hold fast to your two rituals.  Keep the home as I’ve instructed and do not fail this.  Know that even at a distance,  your will continues to be an extension of mine.   I am with you always.  Be someone’s good day, every day, as you did today.  Serve the world as you serve me.  In this, find your happiness until I return.  Master is pleased with you.

 And now for that update.  Things are disrupted at home.  I won’t go into the details, but I dearly wish I could be there to lend a strong shoulder.  Its been a good day here, but there, not so good.

Here, I met a lot of new people, had the opportunity to do what I do, interact in an extroverted way, and came away satisfied with my day.  I am looking to creating new adventures tomorrow with the rising sun.  A side note, I am excited.  I found a place that serve Pad Thai.. which is normally not spicy but for me, if my lips aren’t burning, my nose running, and forehead dripping, its not food.. So I’ll order it extra spicy with extra on the side.  Can’t wait for supper!  Carpe Diem my friends..