Bonus blog! – Removing free will, part 2

This is a bonus Blog!  Just a little something to throw out there because it crossed my mind.  If you are waiting on “Two Rituals, part 2”, don’t worry, its coming shortly.  Much like a dog distracted by a squirrel, or a slave by something shiny, I had to give this a moment’s attention.  Welcome to tonight’s short attention span theater.

The trigger – A gentleman liked my blog: “The danger of removing free will” which caused me to reread it which in turn caused me to reread the “The Atlanctic” article that prompted that blog.  While reading, I came across a paragraph. I read it, then reread.

Exihibit A, The paragraph that caught my eye:
Many scientists say that the American physiologist Benjamin Libet demonstrated in the 1980s that we have no free will. It was already known that electrical activity builds up in a person’s brain before she, for example, moves her hand; Libet showed that this buildup occurs before the person consciously makes a decision to move. The conscious experience of deciding to act, which we usually associate with free will, appears to be an add-on, a post hoc reconstruction of events that occurs after the brain has already set the act in motion.

Before I comment, some inside info – I have long subscribed to the notion that my “real” self, the part of me that is independent of this vessel, this body I protect so that I may continue this existence a bit longer, is a child of God, or if you prefer, a bit of the source that we all come from.  I believe that we are otters of the universe, playing on worlds light years apart and pretending we have physical bodies – but our real selves are eternal.  We can touch this self, when we meditate or pray.

Here is the thought I would share regarding that paragraph.  What scientist are suggesting in that statement that the real us, the physical part that they can measure, is under the control of something else.  That this body is not really controlled by the mind, but by something that acts before the mind “thinks”, before the mind can exercise free will.

I have a sneaking suspicion they have just proven my theory, that something beyond our body, inhabits and controls our actions.  Of course anyone who calls themselves a “real” scientist would be outraged by such a suggestion, and insist its just chemicals and electrons.  I’m still going to sit here, nod, and grin like a crazy person.


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