All this sin,and I sleep

Around 18 hours ago I got up to do a few things before heading to Vegas.  All tasks, travel, flights, and check-ins are behind me at last.  Here I sit in my hotel in Sin city and all I want to do is collapse.  Its 1:30 am here but my brain still thinks its 4:30 in the morning – almost time for breakfast.

Which brings me to Izrina.  She’ll be up in another hour to go to work, back east.  I couldn’t bring her and wish I could have.  That would would have made for a nice stress reliever on a number of levels.

Ah well, nothing to do but suck it up and look for a great tomorrow.  Still feeling the connection though.  Her evening gratitude was pretty nice.  It warmed me.  I have plenty to be grateful for starting with all of the friendly strangers who wanted to chat.  Made for a more pleasant truip.  Carpe Diem my friends!

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