Two rituals, part 1

We have two rituals, one for for each end of the day.  While we are apart, they keep me feeling connected.  Its nice.  They both have very specific purposes.  I think its worth mentioning both, and why they exist.  Like everything I do, they came into being after considerable thought.

Ritual one – Daily consent- This is about the relation, its value, and establishing that this is consensual, desired, and appreciated.

In this ritual, Izrina makes it known to me that she desires the gift of my Domination and will give the gift of her trust.  I make know my continued desire to take possession of her and reaffirm that I will give the gift of my Domination.  She does this while not in my presence, for reasons I will explain later.

Ritual two – Daily gratitude-  It is important to be grateful.  This is about giving thanks for this life, and the joys of small things, that each day brings if we give focus to really living and loving.

In this ritual, she reviews the day and selects three thing that contributed to a better day.  Ideally, this are not just about Ds.  They are simple things.  A butterfly, a smile, a sky, friends who cared, Master’s touch, simple things like this.


A Living update – And now for that update I try to add.. I’ll explain the rituals tomorrow.  I got damn little sleep and but I did have time to check out a buffet for breakfast.  Not bad.  So after a day of meetings I thought I’d return for the supper buffet.

I am too full and the food was nothing exceptional.  Good, some of it was great, but I am feeling melancholy.  I know I should appreciate the small things, and food has that potential.. to savor the smells, the tastes, the textures… but there is also something unfulfilling about placing your happiness on this  brief moment, this thing that encourages you to eat too much, and regret it later.

Fill yourself and a full length mirror is not your friend, no so much because of how you changed but by the fullness you know is inside, and the battle you know it will be to work off that extra food.  Don’t fill yourself and you are indulging in the flavors and textures but denying yourself some portions and question if you made a mistake; perhaps regretting later the self control that you didn’t allow yourself to indulge.

How much better is a hug, the kiss from someone who cares?  I miss Izrina.  I can get by without my slave, but why in the name of all things holy would I want to?  Time to mix another Baccardi and coke, and find some things to show gratitude for, before I crash for the day.   Being happy is sometimes work.  But its good work.  Its tough to be someone’s great day, if you haven’t taken the time to find your reasons for gratitude.  I’ll post part 2, tomorrow… sleep is calling.




All this sin,and I sleep

Around 18 hours ago I got up to do a few things before heading to Vegas.  All tasks, travel, flights, and check-ins are behind me at last.  Here I sit in my hotel in Sin city and all I want to do is collapse.  Its 1:30 am here but my brain still thinks its 4:30 in the morning – almost time for breakfast.

Which brings me to Izrina.  She’ll be up in another hour to go to work, back east.  I couldn’t bring her and wish I could have.  That would would have made for a nice stress reliever on a number of levels.

Ah well, nothing to do but suck it up and look for a great tomorrow.  Still feeling the connection though.  Her evening gratitude was pretty nice.  It warmed me.  I have plenty to be grateful for starting with all of the friendly strangers who wanted to chat.  Made for a more pleasant truip.  Carpe Diem my friends!