Roller coasters and Masters

I am on vacation.  So its travel, museums,   good food, and roller coasters.  Interrupted by Ds now an then simply by virtue of our protocols.  Opening the car door, strapping her seat belt, permission to start eating in the dinner, selecting her drinks and food.   When you live it, Ds creeps into every part of your life.  So I put on my T-shirt that says: “The floggings will continue until moral improves” and into the theme park we go.

One lady in line with us kept turning, and admiring the T-Shirt, and Izrina’s “necklace” and I am fairly certain she wanted to break into a conversation about what makes her really happy, but there were families, and children and she showed restraint.  More the shame.  Yes there is a time and a place for everything, but power exchange is for every minute of the day, and restraining it takes effort sometimes.  I am just so happy to be this way.  I want to share it.

At one point a gentleman wearing a brown T-shirt was partially hidden by the others in line, and all I could read of his shirt was DOM.  So I turn to Izrina, and say.. look another Dom, but then the view opened, and the shirt said in big letters, FREEDOM.  So we had some fun with it. OK.. its FREE DOM.  He must be recently become single.  Well in spite of being in a crowd, we go off on a tangent.  Or do you think it means that he doesn’t charge?  And if you are not attached to someone, essentially a free Dom, is there really any freedom in that?  So if a Dom only experiences true freedom to experience what they feel in their heart they need to be when they are in a relationship then a free Dom is not really free until they are not free from a relation.  On and on it goes.  We chuckle at the way in which we play with words, and Ds, and each other, on vacation.

Time to go.. wakey, wakey, eggs and baky,  another day awaits.  And of course, we’ll look for the opportunity to be someones great day.  Maybe in the shower.. he he!


2 thoughts on “Roller coasters and Masters

  1. We have actually been in line and have met two slaves wearing collars. Both times I was looking off while the two women were talking not noticing until I turned and looked.

    Once was a employee where Arianna works and another at a local Pet store.
    Hard to believe no one at her work has even asked or noticed her collar.

    At a Dentist appointment she was asked to removed her necklace and when she told the tech she could not she did not have the key she went and grabbed the Dentist.
    He came walking in wanting to know if she was alright , stating he had never heard of such a thing.

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