Do you read faces?

On vacation.  This is one I wrote and never posted.. One from the can, so to speak.  I have one I really, really want to write, but we have a whole lot of fun things to do.  I’ll get to it.  It has to do with a comment by Vile, to a comment I made.  Brain is churning… Its a distraction I want to finish. In the meantime..This is one that was triggered, written, but had other things I wanted to post first… so, here’s one from the can…

A great dominant just like a great slave, reads other people well. Asperger syndrome comes with difficulty reading the non-verbal communication of others.  But nothing is impossible my friends. We can learn to read the non-verbal clues of what others are feeling and thinking.  But how can that contribute to be a better Dominant or slave?  For a Dominant, it helps you to know if you are really changing the behaviors you set out to.  For a slave it means a higher degree of confidence that your service and anticipatory service is pleasing.  Is it wildly important to be able to do this?   Probably not.  But it is helpful.

So what can you do to learn to read people better?  The secret is to practice two things – observe, and predict.  Observe a person and predict what it is that they are feeling, thinking, doing, or going to do.  Start to develop the skill of predicting what you know about a person.  This will lead to your own kind of asperger because you will often be wrong.  But the point is not to get hung up on how effective we are at reading non-verbal clues.  The point is to make a conscious effort to see if we are getting better, and then try to improve.  It is not about how good you are, its about making a conscious effort to gauge your level of improvement, to measure success in degrees.

Here is the thing.  This lesson runs all through our lives.  Never look at a project and then focus entirely on getting to the end of it.  If its giving up cigarettes, concentrate on getting through the next five minutes, then an hour, then a day.   Small victories are still victories, but a series of small victories is the key to success.  What ever your goals there will be many battles, but a battle won or loss is either a step forward, or back.  The war is never lost until you give up.  Never give up.  Move forward every day towards something.  My advice for goals is the same its always been.  Learn to be happy.  Learn to make good decisions.  These are my goals.  Every day I win some and I lose some.  But I will try to always get a little better.  On to the roller coasters!  Carpe Diem my friends!