Swamps, slaves, and ice cream

What the hell can these three things have in common, I am sure you ask.  Let’s find out, shall we?  Its been a very long day, but a very beautiful one.  It started early with crawling under the car to do an oil change.  I could pay someone to do it, but there is something quite satisfying about caring for things yourself, if  you can.

The kayak went on the roof, and then I was off to pick up EmptySea who lists as a sub, male, about my age. What is our dynamic you may wonder?  Aside from our own personality traits, we have no dynamic, nor have we set expectations. It may seem strange to have no motive or plan, but both of us roll like that.  Izrina unfortunately was called unexpectedly into to work.  An accident had left them short handed. I had intended for her to drop us off near a  place where a small bridge connects two narrow strips of land that cross the swamp, then pick us up at an exit point a few miles downstream.  Her absence caused me to make slight changes to my plans.

EmptySea and I picked up some supplies, plus a bag of trail mix and something for me to drink  The Bashakill where we would kayak is a vast swamp with two boat launches into it. We launched at the boat launch at the far end , where an abandoned rail line used to cross.  Only the bridge footings remain.

I meant to ask about the choice of EmptySea as a name, but as we paddled through the channels in the swamps the stimulating conversation caused me to forget.   I love a brilliant mind, and his was a pleasure to interact with. The conversation leap from one intense subject to another.  We spoke of personality types, and personality characteristics, spirituality, religion, meditation, out of body experience and on and on as we paddled.  So basically, yeah, I forgot until now to touch on that subject.

At one point, we stopped at an overlook near two islands that rise up out of the swamp, and snacked as we continued to talk.  ES is quite full of complex thoughts, concepts and analogies and yet he also quite empty.  I would say he is disconnected from the thought stream that keep so many distracted.  Quite simply, he is content to simply be and yet when called upon to give answers can dive into quite long and complex views, if such an explanation seems to him desired.

We wrapped up the trip in time for him get back to the farm so he could care for the horses and other farm animals the Ma’am he serves has made him, at least in part, responsible for.

I know I spoke mostly of the conversation between us, but for a person such as myself, that is the meat of my day.  The swamp, which I barely mentioned, deserves some description, I think.

Nestled between two small mountain ranges, the rainfall and ground water runs through a valley.  Trees line the shores, and climb up either side, not a house in sight. Hidden on one side in the trees, the abandoned train tracks now form a hiking path beside the swamp.  Ahead and behind, a vast jungle of water lilies extends for miles in either direction.  Lazy fresh water runs in channel through, zigzagging back and forth.  Large birds, a hawk, and perhaps a herring or stork glided in the distance.  Smaller birds come out after the sun has abated a bit.   At one point we glided past a painted turtle sunning himself. Another time we spied a furry head paddling furiously away from us into the safety of the weeds.. a young beaver I think, though it might have been a muskrat.  Every now and then, other kayaks pass by and we greet these strangers who interrupt the solitude with smiles and warm greetings, then we part again to disappear around the next corner.  One person commented that they saw a large black snake swimming by, but we missed it.  At one point, ES dropped his oar into the water and startled something large. Not sure what it was, a turtle or large carp perhaps. It dove fast and loud leaving only the sound and ripples where it had gone to the safety of the mirk below.  So you see, the excellent company, combined with such a wonderful adventure, made for a glorious afternoon.   But my plans and the day were not yet done.

After the farm chores we left again to pick up my slave Izrina.  It had been my intention to make her part of this day, but events had caused her to only be part of the evening plans. I find it not only pleasurable to have her at my side, at times it is damn near a necessity.

Sometimes a Master without their slave, particularly one who has become accustomed to all of the anticipatory service, can be quite amusing at how lost they have become without the service of their slave.  I had showered at the farm and as I went around looking to collect up all of my things, I made quite a chore of it.  It was then  that this thought crossed my mind.  I think its a humorous truth that I don’t want to promote, but it is a natural outcome worth acknowledging.  It’s the same with employment.  We all know that a boss can never do the work as well as the employees because they only do those tasks once in a while.  Employees will always be faster and better because of their familiarity and repetition of the tasks.

I took us to an Asian restaurant, where I ordered spring rolls as an appetizer, and three servings of Pad Thai.  Shrimp for my slave and borrowed sub, extra spicy for ES, plain for my property.  I had mine with Chicken, flaming hot, with extra hot sauce on the side. For me, it ain’t food unless my tongue is on fire, my lips tingling, and my nose wants to run.  Izrina has learned to be more than generous with the Cayenne pepper.

I had planned to order green tea ice cream but they were out… shucks!  So instead, I ordered the fried ice cream for ES, and I decided to try the red bean ice cream for myself.  For my slave I ordered the hot molten fudge thingy with strawberry ice cream, and pointed out to our waiter that she loved strawberries.. so if they had any they wanted to add some to her dish, or sprinkle them on her, that would be fine. ES noted that would make her a strawberry blonde and we agreed that might be a fun thing.

For the ride home, I charged ES with being our DJ, and he made quite a fine one.  His selection was quite nice.  Without knowing it was “our” song, he managed to select Joe Coker’s “You are so beautiful”.  Izrina got that look and put her head on my shoulder and life was – is – really, really good.  We dropped ES off for the night, and now I am just taking  a moment to capture this beautiful day to share.  What a great way to wrap up a wonderful weekend.  I feel refreshed and ready to start the next work week.  I was a day of swamps, slaves and ice cream.  Well EmptySea is a sub, but still, Swamps, Slaves, and ice cream – who knew that combination would make for such a delicious day?