Daddy’s girl (& a BBQ)

Buckle up boys and girls, for this ride, you have to be this tall. This is not however, the kinky little blog you were hoping for.

My daughter has long shown an interest in what I do and she knows that she is much happier with a boy toy than a boy friend.  In other words, she has decided that she wants to be a Dominant some day.

One of my local groups (HVLOL) has a yearly picnic which is open to anyone of any age.  It is an opportunity for relatives, family and nilla friends to meet all of our weird friends who go to these “munch” things.  It is low key, but it gives those close to us an chance to see that we have cool, interesting friends who don’t bite (at least not without permission).  I took my daughter last year, and this year I’ll be bringing my mom who is quite spry for her age (She has been retired for at least 20 years).

But last night was a bigger event.  She’s 18 now.  I got her vetted, with a membership at FMB.  It was to be an evening of BBQ, burlesque, and play party – yeah FMB is run like that. She wore her best black clothing and red “I’ll beat you” lipstick and off we went. She HAD to try fire, so we got her on the table for that.  Then we practiced flogging for a bit.  I borrowed a slave from a friend, and he acted as her human practice target.  We went over the strike points, and places to avoid, spine, kidneys, and such.  I made her, order him to take off the clothing she needed, and taught her to connect, feel for the impact she was making, to watch for the signs of reaction in his shoulder and muscles.

Here is the funny thing.  If you have been around male subbys, you know they can be very eager.  Well it wasn’t long before an older gentleman asked if he might be a practice target too.  I deferred the question to her, making her take charge of the negotiation and control.  She is still not a adult in her own mind yet, so while she relishes control like her father, it will take some time to get out of the mindset of youth and into the mindset of a Mistress.  I thought she did well and both boys were quite happy.  I was grinning.  She is definitely Daddy’s girl.

For support, she brought a friend who leans towards subby, with NO masochism.  I spoke with the house rigger and hooked her up with a suspension scene.  She really took to it, zooming quite nicely. Sublime, our house rigger is a master of working the sensual side of feeling the roughness of the ropes as they are drawn against the skin.  It was quite pleasant to watch.

All in all, a great evening was had by all who attended.  Izrina had to work later than the time when the doors closed, so she didn’t get to come.  I’ll just have to see that she cums later.

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