The reason is, because reasons

So a little sleep then breakfast with family.  Always drama with that bunch.  I’ve come to a place where family is often more chore than pleasure.   But breakfast was good, and the conversation pleasant enough, so it was nice. My car has been in the shop all week, had to pick that up afterward.  It really has been a challenging week.  I haven’t gone into details, but not having that car all week , and paying for the repairs, was one of those challenges.

The sun was out, and I was thinking it was a good day for a motorcycle ride.  On the other hand, I had that unfinished business with the people I upset last night. The question is, did I want to do a public apology, or private?  I chose private.  I set about mentally recalling each person, where they were sitting, and who they were with, then wrote each a personal apology, crafted specifically for my relation with that person  Having completed that, I decided to take that motorcycle ride.

There was a large family reunion underway today.  I had planned to skip it but since I was looking for a place to ride anyway, I decided to drop in on that.  Got there just in time for it to start raining.  So a hotdog and some hugs later, I headed back in the rain in nothing but my boots, jeans, a Tshirt and my leather vest.  The rain whipped through my jeans, down my socks, and tried to fill my boots.  At least I kept in upright and got back safely.

A number of people had responded to my apologies, many of them very gracious.  I am pleased.  I think tonight calls for lots of alcohol and snuggle time with my slave.  She had to work today, and I am feeling the need to have her touch.

I still have to write down the pros and cons of why there is a rule against slaves sitting at there Master’s feet, in a slave and Dom meeting.   For now, lets just say the reason is, because reasons.  I am very interested now in doing some research on general MAsT group rules are, and what the general consensus would be on this one.  Not that general consensus should tilt your thinking, but it does provide lots of thoughts to weigh against your own.  That’s the real value.

Tomorrow, there will be a Burlesque, BBQ, and beatings play party.  I have friends to catch up with there.  I know I said this about yesterday, but I am looking forward tomorrow. Not sure if I’ll get to the reasons thing tonight, or tomorrow.  Busy, busy…


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