I know its politically incorrect to say retard but I can’t for the life of me think of a better word to describe how socially and intellectually stunted the two individuals I am referring to here, must be.  How else do you explain this?   This a real conversation I overheard yesterday in a restaurant.  I kid you not:


Straw chewer 1: I thought He was gay.

Straw chewer 2: No!  He’s not gay he’s Hispanic.



At first my brain refused to accept what my ears were reporting.  WTF??  !  I had no idea that you couldn’t be gay and Hispanic.  Thank goodness straw chewer 2 set me straight.  Worse, straw chewer 1 apparently thinks all Hispanics look gay. I managed to collect myself before I involuntarily backhand bitch slapped one of them.

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