Talking WITH Vile

SO VERY VILE  – So I had a little back and forth with one my favorite Bloggers, Vile of “The Kinky world of Vile”.  Yeah, he’s all that and a bad of chips.. good stuff.  Seriously.  Check him out.  The subject was conversing, which is kind of funny because here we were talking.. about talking.. but we weren’t really talking, since we were messaging back and forth.  But I digress.

THE ART OF CONVERSATION IS A ZOMBIE –  Time was that people unexpectedly popped in on you, because there was no cell phone to warn you they were coming, and they just sort of took a seat and hung around to see if you weren’t too busy to just sit and talk.. weird, right?  If you were really cool, maybe you offered a cup of tea, or lemonade, or something to drink.

Those days are gone, I think.  Now, we text someone before we call them, and wait for the text to come back, before we use the phone to phone the person, and then the conversation is all wham-bam, in and out, thank you ma’am.  No real ART to the conversation. Oh sure, if you are unlucky enough to work for a company that hasn’t become so politically correct that they still have Christmas parties, then yeah, you might still get caught in a corner with a drink in one hand and an awkward conversation that you are fumbling through, but really the art of conversation went through a painful death and rebirth process.. and now its a freaking zombie.  The art of conversation isn’t really dead, its still got legs and its mobile, but you have to tweat and text to do it.

There are signs of the conversation zombies everywhere.  Their nose is buried in a phone and their thumbs are barely visible as they flash over the keys.   Barely part of the room, conversation zombies eat brains, and groan when you try to actually talk with them.  Try sending one of them this text: “So, some weather we’ve been having huh?”  Since this question is an awkward conversation starter from ancient times when people actually talked, don’t be surprise if you get a WTF?   I am pretty sure WTF is the zombie conversationalist equivalent to ‘Are you off your meds again?”

JOIN THE ZEALOTS “TALK WITH” PARTY! – You are probably thinking.. but I’m just one lonely sub, subby, slave, kitten, switch, pain slut, Master, Mistress..I can do this all day… Owner, baby girl.. ok that’s enough.. I’m just one person, so X, what can I do?   This.  The next time someone asks.. Can I talk to you?  BITCH SLAP THEM!  Oh, I don’t mean literally, I mean figuratively.  Geeesh!   Tell them that you would love it if they would “speak WITH you”.  Hey!  Your choice!  Do you want someone to speak WITH you, or speak TO you?  Yeah, its my own little bit of zealotry and I’m changing the world, one conversation at a time.  Won’t you join my cause?  Do it for the children!  Not sure why but “causes” always want you to do it for the future generations, so I threw that in there.

JOIN THE ZEALOTS FREE SPEECH PARTY! – I tend to be a little over zealous about my feelings about conversing.  With me, nothing is off the table.  I freaking hate when other zealots (not my kind of zealot) try shutting me down because I am “inappropriate”.   We have turned a HUGE corner on respect.  Used to be you showed respect because it reflected who YOU are.  Now we don’t show respect because people didn’t earn it or were politically incorrect enough to deserve disrespect.  Really?  How did we get to that little gem of free speech?

You know who is really hating these day?  The people that feel they have the moral high ground and a right and a responsibility to hate the haters.  I miss the days when a person could completely disagree with you, and still be willing to fight to the death to protect your right to free speech.  Now activists just want to fight your speech until YOU are dead. Do you realize that hate crimes officially makes some thought illegal? Look, I understand hate is bad, but it is the actions you go to jail for.  Are we really OK with jail sentences based on thoughts and speech?

But I digress, again, I’m like that.  Kicking a soapbox under me is equivalent to kicking a stool and a bucket under a cow.  You are going to get some.  Come on people, its time to defend free speech again, even if you totally and completely dislike the opposing view.  Haters should be social pariah, and that’s all – no jail, and no hating the haters.  Let them all drown together in their end of the pool.  After all, hate hurts the one who holds it.

THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK – One last point and comes to us courtesy of the afore mentioned conversation with Vile.  Just because you CAN say a thing, doesn’t mean you should.  There is an old saying “Pearls before swine”.  It means there is no point in throwing pearls of wisdom to pigs because they will just trample them into the mud.  I have a BDSM version, that says: The most important part of giving, is the taking.  This X quote is speaking not only of giving wisdom through conversation, but also to the value of Domination, to submission.  Another quote on this:

Argue to the intelligence of your point not the people. If you find yourself in a cage with monkeys, what would the point be to trying to convince them to stop throwing shit? ~ Xtac Quote

Monkeys throw their shit.  Its what they do. So if you are in a cage with them, you are not going to talk them out of it.  Best to get out of the cage, and out of the company of monkeys. Go be with your own kind.  And that brings me to…

BEST CONVERSATION, EVER !- Great conversation starts with being with your own kind of crazy.  Sure you can talk WITH people.  Sure you can respect free speech.  Sure you can listen to all opposing views.  But nothing beats the Master and slave support group conversations and we got one coming up Friday.  Woo Hoo!  I love being with my own kind.  Is life good or what?





2 thoughts on “Talking WITH Vile

  1. The Text WTF has happened to us ? You give me your number then you send me a test text. Okay then I’m told I can text anytime . This is a clear message not to call but to only text , I kinda get it but I find it to be really impersonal.

    So I decide to send a text asking a question and I set my phone down and nothing, day passes and nothing. Okay now you’re either ignoring me or you were in such a shock from seeing my text you had a heart attack , and I am going to guess the first you really do not give a fuck, because when I send you a text your fucking phone goes DING and you look and your thinking oh a text from Vile then you sit your phone down.

    I then send you a text telling you to go fuck yourself , then and only then do I get the long awaited parting the sea text. Dude , I am so sorry I did not see your text. really?

    I have a 60 day rule and I stick to it. If I do not hear from you within 60 days you get deleted, you’re taking up valuable space on my phone. I get a text and I am like who is this ?

    My slave to this day I get some 40 to 50 text from her even after 4 years. However , I do understand why she needs that contact.

    I am not much for talking on the phone either and I really hated the days before caller ID. Then caller ID I could just look and ignore if I wanted.

    The TV remote was the downfall of mankind

    Thank you for the blog pimp if that is even the right word.


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  2. Looks like that one punched someone’s button!

    I like your 60 day rule. I might adopt that one. It goes back to the “woman and cat” idea. I just have so much time and I’d rather use it for people that I can reach.

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