What the puck?

Sniggle snort-in fligg-im flort
sloppy floppy short-shorts

Jiggle wiggle big be-diggle
pokey muckin fuggin buck
(giggle suck)

What the puck?!!!!
(Lots of pluck)

Guzzel muzzel make-in trouble
grin-in drib-Lin still a win-in
humpy bumpy rode-in blue ass jeans

Dusty trucks, fulla luck
git-in some, lots to come
near-in end, whatta bend

humpy little monkey me


Fun comes in all sizes, times and places and often accompanied by Mr silly and his special suspenders.  Never forget that sometimes its good to be a little crazy.  It scares the nillas and keeps your other half on their toes!  Sometimes you gotta just drop your guards  (but not your pants) cause you are just have to run with those scissors!  Iz OK!  You can tell your momma I told ya so!  ~X