Rejoice my special people!

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As we all know, we are all special.

Do you get tired of pointing this out? Then rejoice all ye special people. X has the answer! Here is your very own copy and paste reply for every forum. It doesn’t matter what the subject is or what the author says. You will never have to put together a thoughtful response ever again. Just copy and paste this special blog & forum reply form, change xyz, and Voila! You are done! There is even barbwire built in, to show just how kinky and sharp you really are! Feel free. There is no copyright. I just care deeply and worry that you can express yourself!


The copy & paste -Blog & Forum reply form!


That is YOUR way of saying, doing, thinking about xyz but everyone is different, and there are many different ways to look at these things, and different people will say different things, and use different terms and different meanings for these terms.

I am not criticizing you directly, but I had to indirectly protect all the different people from your tyranny because that is just the kind of special different I am and it only hints at my brilliance, knowledge, experience, and caring.

Please make sure that you read every one of my different words of the nothing I have added to this conversation, because its so very different from the words any one else will write, including the author, which I don’t mean to insult. It’s just that I’m so different, like everyone else.

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