Do you “get it”?

Being happy is a hard thing to learn.  To find your happiness, you have to let go.  There is no trust, no faith, no complex dogma, no concept to embrace.

If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans ~ Sno Quote

When bad things happen, how can we still be happy?  How can we be happy with the pain, suffering, death, and evil all around us?  Doesn’t it seem crazy to be happy when we are faced with so much to make us sad?  Yes, yes it does.

Maybe you “get it” and maybe you don’t.  IF I explain how to “get it”, I am using words from my place of being, and these words are processed by your mind, to help you reach your place of being, when all you really just need to do is just “be it”.


If you watch this, tell me, do YOU “get it”? – It is not easy to be happy.  Even if you get close, you can still struggle.  Here is someone struggling to “get it”.  I come back to this video from time to time to find my center.


A worthy question.  If I “get it”, why do I write these words? –Good Question! (Thank you, my mind).   I have no emotional investment in their success.  Partly, these words are directed to my slave, my responsibility is to her.  Her happiness is a source of my happiness.  I would lead her spiritually, guide her to happiness, to a more complete union with that which we are all children of.  I would see her happy, and a being who helps others find their way, through service, wisdom, and just being.

So to answer my question. I write these words to remind myself what I teach.  I write these words to share.  I write these words in hope of a better world.  And I write these for my slave, who pleases me greatly.