Sweet Evenings

When you dedicate your life to happiness.. you can annoy the hell out of everyone around you!  Woo Hoo!

This is really a continuation of my last blog: sweet mornings. If you haven’t read it, you may want to go to page one first.  THIS blog is mostly about two things:  meals and dishes.  And happiness of course.  Its always about finding our happy place.  I don’t have to find her happy spot, I think I know where that is (wink wink).

So I finished work and today it was my turn to be in a foul mood when I came in the door.  Diner was in progress, dvd was queued up, and drink ready.  I drew a bath to unwind, drink was served ( in perfect protocol fashion I might add ), and between trips to the kitchen, my slave listened dutifully as I explained my frustrations.  I ended  my narration with, and now I need to do what I teach, practice what I preach, and let it go.

Since my frustrations were all based on assumptions with the way plans would go, it was easy to just concentrate on what was in front of me, here and now, and enjoy how perfect this moment was, if I just let go of the future and plans.  Sometimes finding your happy place takes effort.  Not so tonight.  Even I was amazed at how easily I went from frustration, to happiness, just by shifting my focus to the evening and how wonderful my slave was striving to make it.  And that brings us to meals and dishes.

Dishes first.  This morning as mentioned, there was a small infraction made with regard to my standing commands regarding dishes.  This is where I get to say for the first time in this blog what a good girl she was tonight.  As I sat to enjoy the movie we would share tonight, she asked if she might get up to clear away the dishes used so far in the preparation of tonight’s meal.  I was pleased.  So much so, I had to take a peak.  The sink had maybe a dish or two, which when you hear about the meal is no small feat.  I was very pleased indeed.  Such a good girl.  I decided since she was trying so hard to make amends, it would not be necessary to continue this mornings discussions with a punishment. Score one for a great evening for both of us.

Meal next.  Tonight she served “bacon wrapped chicken cordon bleu” with “scalloped potatoes”, and for desert: “key lime pie”, all made from scratch.  As delicious as this meal was, the pleasures of this fine meal don’t begin to cover all the service behind it.  First, where a meal is concerned, I don’t like to pick my next meal.  I like to be surprised, but in a way that will please me.  You see the problem?  Any slave worth their salt will be horrified by the command to “please me but I wont tell you how”.   The desire to please, combined with the fear of failure, and the complete lack of direction is just about a slave’s worst nightmare.  I know this.  Chalk it up to just another of my traits as a WEM (wicked evil man).

Now my property is clever.  Maybe too damn clever for her own good.  Oh yes, it does get her into trouble at times, but we are working on that.  Just the same, it makes her especially valuable property and she rose to this particular challenge.  She has poured over cookbooks, notebook in hand, and had me categorize every imaginable meal into categories of frequency.  As I sat otherwise distracted she would nudge me.. “potatoes au gratin”, she asks, is this something you would eat anytime, once in a while, hardly ever, never?  I consider my answers carefully, knowing it will be a lifetime decision.  “Potatoes”, I believe I might have said, “is something I like in nearly any form.. mashed, baked, fries, sometimes as a soup”.  She cocks an eyebrow.  “So that is anytime?” she asks.  And so it goes in the notes.

So you see, this clever girl has done the impossible.  She keeps me surprised with exceptional anticipatory service that never fails to please me.  And she had the dishes cleared before desert..lets not forget that.  And that brings us to the meal.  The chicken, cheese, and bacon was perfect. Crispy, gooey, juicy, such succulent morsels that combined into one heavenly combination.  The potatoes were warm, not hot, a slight miscalculation in timing but this combo was her first try and they were delicious.  The pie is something I had not tried before.  Key lime pie sounded good but I think it got a question mark in her little book of Master’s pleasures.  It was simply delicious.   And she made enough for left overs of everything.  I am soooooooo getting into that meal a second time!

It has been said that the way into a man’s heart is through his stomach.  I understand.  Food is certainly a sensory garden worthy of indulgence in quality, not quantity.  Again, its about the small things, the taste and the textures that one can indulge in.   Its about culture and refinement over barbarian excess.  Not that I don’t enjoy camping, hiking, or kayaking.  I’m as happy on a my motorcycle, as I am at an elegant social or and executive conference.  Its not the sophistication of simple things, its the simple things themselves.

So, with the meal finished, we settled in to watch the rest of tonight’s installment of a series we are going through.  I had none of that terrible bloated feeling that you get when you ate too much.  Rather, the portions were just the right amount.  My taste buds are still singing the praise of this gustatory indulgence.   All of which brings me to my second opportunity to say what a good girl she is, but then, we know that don’t we?

Now comes the best part of the evening.  The work done, the dishes cleared, and my property under my arm, both of us are happy and content. I simply love when she is curled up at my feet, or under my arm, purring in response to Master’s touch.   And  what of tomorrow’s worries?  The ones I walked in with?  Not a problem  We are brilliant.  We’ll figure it out.  Carpe Diem!