Sweet mornings

One thing I can not abide is dishes left in a sink.  Any time my slave does this, she can fully expect me to say something about it.  Now I will never say, “That makes me mad”.  I don’t believe in letting anything “make you” anything.  I will decide what “makes me”.  What I will say is: “That does not please me.  Now I’ll have to work at finding my happy place”.  I might also ask a question:  “Shouldn’t you be trying to make it easier for me to be a happy person?”

Language is a funny thing.  Where our words go so do our thoughts and visa-versa.  When we invest emotion into our thoughts it shifts our focus and much of our reality, so I work hard at words.

So I chastised her this morning.  She gave the worst possible answer: “I didn’t think you’d check.”  I’m chuckling now.  Wrong answer!  So I said in my most evil Master voice, “Expect the unexpected” and pounced on to her, and attacked her neck.  Which of course lead to squeals and giggles.  And so I left her this morning with a smile on her face.

As I drove into work, the thought of her smiling in bed, warmed me.  Don’t get me wrong.  This misbehavior thing is not done yet, but it is for now and the thought of her happy and relaxed on her day off pleases me.  The WEM will rise again!



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