Collaring from the heart, An”X” workshop

So, I promised an update on how the workshop went.  If you didn’t catch that in an earlier blog, Friday night I gave my workshop “Collaring from the heart”, at “Feel Me Breathe”. Feel Me Breathe, is part dungeon, part playground, part leather family center, part workshop area, and well, basically an extension of everything you could hope to run into if BDSM is your thing.  My workshop ran for about two hours.  My slave was at my feet the whole time, well except when I sent her for a fresh bottle of water.  Nice evening.

Where is another presenter in the area: Raven Kaldera.  I saw a presentation by him years ago and was blown away.  Good stuff.  We also brought him to FMB not too long ago.  One thing that really stays with me about the first workshop I saw him in was the effect he had on his boy.  His slave was practically glowing.  So happy to be there, with Master, and part of his world.

I took that lesson with me.  I said earlier that I wanted her as “eye candy”.  Well yes I am that shallow and no I am not. The eye candy I want her to be is the perfect slave, full of positive energy, like I saw for Raven.  I had determined in advance that if my slave had a bad day, that we would do a very brief tantra mediation before starting to clear her negativity.  I have this ability with her, to change everything, and I was prepared to use that to ensure she was in the right mindset for that evening.

Moreover, I want her to be happy.  I want that happiness to bubble up in her service to me, during the workshop and always.  I am pleased to say that no mediation was required.  I am quite proud of my slave.  She shrugged off the worries of the day and brought it. I like to think that she is a happier, more complete person, in her chains.  If I can give to she who is my canvas, the keys to her perpetual happiness,  it will please me immensely.  Plus, I really love when she sits at my feet.

Towards the end, as I sat and chatted, she stood behind me arms around me and there it was – that feeling so strong you would swear that you could just hold it. How odd that we can’t prove that energy is “real”.  You know, to be “real”, I have to be able to see and hold and take pictures of of a thing.  To be “real” things be put into piles and I have to be able to take those things from your pile and add them to mine.  “Real things” can be counted, tracked, and show up in charts.  Real or not, Master was pleased with the energy emanating from his slave.

And what of the workshop?  Well first I must remind you that happiness is found in simple things and I had my happiness well in hand.  The workshop was just icing on the cake.  What could a Dominant love more than an opportunity to teach?

We talked about the three traditional collars, and protection collars and why they might fit with the concept of three collars, and about velcro collars and virtual collars.  We discussed what they mean to us, the emotions we invest in them, and the ceremonies we can have around them.  We talked about protocols for collars, and selecting one, etc, etc. There was lots to talk about.  And since I’m a zealot about these kinds of things, my passion was high.. bet you could have guessed that  though.  So with my slave at my feet, her love and energy emanating so strongly, and I among my own kind, with the opportunity to be passionate about what I believe, yeah, all the best things in life were part of that evening.

The fact that it ran about two hours, should tell you that there was much to discuss, much to consider.  Never underestimate the seemingly small, simple things and what they can do to make your life better.. and just for the record.. a collar is no small thing.


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