Collaring workshop tonight

So.. tonight I’ll be dragging my slave along to my workshop.. “Collaring from the heart”.  It will be nice to have a little eye candy at my feet for this thang!

Looks like sign ups have been pretty light, which is fine.  It means we’ll be more cozy, and have the opportunity to be more interactive, diving into Q and A.  Should be fun.

Why?  You might ask, would you want to go to a collaring workshop.  Isn’t it pretty much, you buy the collar, you give the collar?  Well sure.  But that wouldn’t be a very interesting or informative workshop, would it?

Part of why I do this workshop is because of my zealotry about the traditional three collars. Also, I am a zealot for respecting a slave that wears a collar, and about respecting the Owner that gave the collar.  Also, I am pretty big about protocols for removing collars.  So when you start to pull of that together, and get a group of people discussing what a collar means to them, and how the feel about touching slaves and collars, well it starts to get interesting.

Long story short, getting excited for tonight’s workshop.




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