I am a zealot

My poor slave has given herself to a zealot but so far its working out pretty well for both of us.

ABOUT ZEALOTS – It was a zealot who first said, the beatings will continue until moral improves!  Now when I say zealot, I am talking about those folks who were searching for answers, and they opened a door, and what they found inside was everything they were looking for.  Maybe that door was capitalism, or socialism, or a religion.  You know how it goes after that. The newly converted zealot just knows that when they pledged their life to Jesus, or meditated daily, or whatever the secret was for them, everything fell into place.  Now they want you to experience the same joy they do, and they want you to meditate too, or vote Democratic, or whatever.  Zealots just want you to be happy just like them.

You can hardly expect a person that experiences a life changing understanding to hide it under a bushel.  Of course they want to share this thing they found.  The problem is, if your life is driven by the stock market and futures with no personal life, you are not living in the same world as someone who is all about facebook, friends, and quiet moments in the woods.

Truth is personal. People rarely share the same truths. This is because each of us lives in our own world. ~Xtac Quote

Here is a secret.  You do not live in the same world that I do.  In fact, you don’t live in this world with anyone else.  This universe that you have created around yourself is uniquely your own.

Have you ever bought something new, say a car, and then suddenly noticed how many of that car there are around you?   Or may be you planted something and suddenly you notice all the yards with the same plant.  The thing is, what you are just noticing now was always around you but you never noticed until it became important to you, until you gave it focus and attention.  That my friends is because your life and your focus is uniquely your own.

Each of us brings our circle of focus into a universe that is one enormous venn diagram.  Only where our focus overlaps, do we share our individual universes.  I know that I am going all metaphysical on you here, and maybe you are not prepared to hear this, but you can grasp what I am saying on some level.

For all of these reasons, zealots are a problem.  They mean well, but they are trying to pull you into their world and what you need is your own answers.  What they fail to realize is that the room with answers has many doors.  We must each find our own door, our own answers.

MY ZEALOTRY – And that brings me to my own peculiar beliefs. I know what I know about being a zealot and still I have these strong feelings that there is only one way to be an Owner.  I’ve seen blogs and posts that tease folk like me that believe in the “one twue way”.  Can’t help it.  Much in the way that an effective military shapes boys into men, I believe there are certain things that are constants about Masters and slaves.  I believe that most vanilla relations are fundamentally flawed.  I believe that the service of slaves is not a gift. I believe in “labels”.  I believe you need learn only two things in life. I believe a lot of things that make some people grit their teeth and bristle.

Because I believe in these things, and because I am a zealot, I preach endlessly about about what I believe, in the mistaken hope that what I teach will make the lives of others better.  I thank God that I have someone to share this with.  Being a Dominant I can not live without the opportunity to lead.  So yeah, I fit the description of a zealot.  I could go on endlessly about what I believe, why I believe it, why it will make your life better, but there is neither time nor space to put it all down here.  Three things I will comment on though ( You just knew it was three, right?).  These are the core of my zealotry:

1) SEEK EQUITY – To my thinking, the measure of your ethics is found in the equity you seek.  Moral behavior is bullshit, but ethical behavior is of critical importance to this world and the next.  The evil we do in this life is a self inflicted wound in the next, so we must strive to avoid doing evil.   Evil happens when we seek inequitable exchanges from those around us.  I am not preaching against capitalism.  If a person provides a service, and its worth a few cents, and millions and millions of people want that service, then the provider is entitled to become rich from those millions of equitable exchanges.

On the other hand, great wealth creates power.  Structures of power can and did lead to not one but two world wars.  Kings, capitalists, peasants and communists. Its important for societies to provide equity for labor, or unrest will be the undoing of much.  Equity is always important.

Nor is equity of exchange always obvious.  A dusty old bottle may be worth little to you or I but to the right collector, it might as well be gold.  When a slave offers their labor in return for the joy of service, the opportunity to serve is an equitable exchange.  We need to have exchanges where people do not feel cheated, that they are pleased with the exchange, that it was equitable in the currency of their desire. Just to be clear, equity has zero to do with equality.  That is a whole difference axe I grind.

So my first little bit of zealotry is about my kind of ethics – equity of exchange.  To pull this off, you need enough compassion to empathize and just enough passion to take care of yourself, and the honesty to not fool yourself or others.

2) LIFE LESSON ONE – Equity and ethics must guide our behavior.  With these secured, we must turn our attention to the most important thing a person may learn in any lifetime – how to be happy.  You should devote all of your intelligence and time to learning how to be happy; NOT to the pursuit of happiness.  Your focus needs to be on HOW you obtain happiness that is always yours, and can not be taken from you.  If it can be taken from you, then you don’t control it, and you haven’t learned what I am talking about.

Too often people feel that they can’t be happy until they have the right job, or the right lover.  But then you have that and now to be happy you need the car, then the house, and of course when you have that you need extra baths and bedrooms and the perfect kitchen, and then there is the boat, and if you have the boat you need to learn to fly.  Such is the pursuit of happiness. When more is your path to happiness, more is never enough.

True happiness though, the kind that can’t be taken from you, and which you can have any time comes from the small unimportant things.  The laughter of children, a blue sky, or a starry night.  It comes in a touch from someone who cares, it comes in a good deed. Happiness is the love of labor, and a labor of love.  When you make a good day for someone else, yours is assured.

I know these things and yet I still find myself in a foul mood sometimes.  It is not until I remember to let go, to step back, to be the rock in the stream that drama like water runs over and around, can I get back to being happy again.

All the things you want in life, you want them so you can be happy.  Don’t want happy, be happy.  Just skip past the want part, and go right to being happy. Its so easy to say, so hard to do, and yet so very, very worth it.  Ultimately, happy is all we really ever wanted.  Do or do not, there is no try.  Learn it, be it.  Let go.  Let yourself be happy.  Learn it.  Teach it.

3) LIFE LESSON TWO  –  So you have your ethics in place.  You are a good person who has dedicated the rest of your resources to being happy.  What could be left to learn?   Decisions my friend.  Being happy is so much easier when you learn to make good decisions.  Just as you can learn the art of being happy, you can learn to make good decisions.

I have a few tips for you on this.  First, always seek council, but don’t worry too much about the council you seek.  Advice from an enemy can be as telling as advice from a friend.  Nor are experts necessarily the way to go.  The saying, “Out of the mouths of babes” hints at this.  It is the diversity of thought that gives  you the most perspective from with you will sift out your answers.

When making a decision, you should be prepared to defend it.  Your thinking can be unpopular, unconventional, and even a little crazy, but if you feel it makes sense to you, go with it.

To get to that point, you need to consider all of the council provided. You need to reject advise that you previously considered.  In time you will find fewer and fewer bits of new advice.  Never however stop seeking new advice, new perspectives.  When you find a new perspective, consider it carefully.  See how it fits to your previous thoughts on the matter.  Never allow appearing to have been wrong, get in the way of actually being right.  Remember that doing the right thing, is always the right thing to do.  If you have too much passion for a thing, try to temper it with compassion, and visa-versa.  Passion will lead you to do things you will regret, while compassion will keep you from doing things you should have.  Ask yourself, do I have too much passion or compassion invested in this decision?  If you are balanced, trust your instinct.   The right thing to do will always be right in front of you.


Those three are the core of my zealotry.  There is lots more where that came from.   I have many more beliefs. I think that equality for its own sake leads to anarchy.  That most vanilla relations are fundamentally flawed.  That a slave should put trust in their Owner above all other restrictions.  That objectification is good for the mindset of slaves – and so we should take away their names at the start of training, have them speak in third person, and impose protocols and structure.  That for an sType, they will experience no greater freedom than in their chains.  I think that the Ds relationship is a raw open connection with greater potential for joy and pain than any other type of relation. I could go on and on.

There are many insights that have opened up my world and made me happier, and so like any zealot, I want to share.  I am thankful to  have a loving and devoted slave to share these insights with.  Like any good Dominant, I think constantly about how to make both our lives better.  Because she consents to be an extension of my will, both of us will seek this happiness of which I preach.  Yeah, I’m a zealot.

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