A movie, and laughter

This weekend I took my property to a movie.  We saw the new “Independence Day” movie.  It was good.  Lots of wonderful Sci-Fi scenes and action and an unexpected amount of comic relief that I quite enjoyed.  Sitting together in the dark, Jeff Goldblum or some other character would drop something unexpected into the drama and I would smile, then turn to my slave and she would be laughing.  I like to see her smile.  I love the sound of laughter.  I wish I could join others in laughing.

I am like Michael Valentine Smith.  If you are not familiar with the book this character is drawn from, at a pivotal moment in the story, Michael, who up until now has not joined the human race, laughs uncontrollably for the first time and in so doing becomes human.  He as been told that laughter is about something good but what he realizes and reveals to us all is that laughter is really about the discomfort  of someone else.  Every practical joke proves this.  Ever sexual innuendo has someone’s discomfort in it.  Every smart, funny comment has something in it that is mean to someone. The things that make us really laugh, not just chuckle but really laugh out loud until tears stream, have something bad in them.

But laughter is not about being mean its about sharing pain.  Its about lightening the load.  When we laugh in a way we are taking the thing that is unbearable to someone, and making it bearable.

I firmly believe that some sacred cows were meant to be made into hamburger before consumption. ~ Xtac Quote

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing should be beyond our ability to laugh at it.  Not even death.  Laughter at a funeral might seem out of place but if I heard a person laugh at a funeral, I would hold them and smile.  I would know they found a way out of the pain.

But I do not laugh.  Oh, I chuckle from time to time.  A smart comment makes me smile.  Often a thing makes me chuckle.  I am far from unhappy.  But I fear that like Michael I have not joined the human race.  I am so often in the other place, my spiritually awake place that observes all of the unnecessary suffering around me, the unnecessary unhappiness, and I find that I am thinking and wishing I had the words to fix it.  From this place, I don’t seem to have the capacity to really laugh as often as I would like.

So I sit in dark theaters, amused by the entertainment on the screen, pleased that my slave is happy and laughing, and wish I could join her more often. I wonder if my own life would be happy and fulfilled if this was so.  Now that I have asked the question, the answer will come.

If you understand how things are, you know there is a higher purpose at work. We need only give a thing our attention and focus and things happen.  When I do this, when I give a thing my attention, what I would call my muse comes to me with answers.

Doing the right thing, is always the right thing to do. ~Xtac Quote

Not one of us has the power to do anything but choose.  But if we choose to open our hearts and be a force for good, then that higher force pours through us, creating changes.  We must never take credit for this.  That would be like a teaspoon of salt water claiming to be the ocean.  No!  We are that through which great things can happen.  I don’t have all the answers, but what is right, is always right in front of me, if I listen.  Often what is right is not simple.  Often what is right is seemingly wrong.  But you can’t go wrong if your motivation is love and compassion.  Passion however can lead you astray.  It is not wrong to have passion.  Hmmm.. Actually compassion can lead you to inaction when you should be acting.  Balance..yes balance is always the key.  A balance of passion and compassion.

Perhaps I think too much and that is why I don’t laugh.  But why then do I feel such joy in this life?  My muse is not talking right now, but some time later it will.  I just need to hold the question longer, give it more focus.  I hope I hear the laughter of children today.  Nothing is a sweeter sound.  Daylight is coming.  The birds have begun to chirp.   My slave has left for work.  I think I’ll nap for just a bit, and then bounce into the office, once again way too bubbly for a Monday.  Of course it will annoy some people, and please the social sadist in me, and I’ll smile.  I wonder what today will bring me?   The weekend was nice, but I’m done looking backward.  Time to look forward again.  Life is good.


Oh, and my muse says I have not learned to live in that place and let go of thinking.  I am still more attached to thinking, than being.

4 thoughts on “A movie, and laughter

  1. I completely agree with your statement about balance. I often feel the world lives in extremism. It downright frustrating to me sometimes that they can’t seem to figure out that everything isn’t all or nothing.


  2. If a thing works for you, you want to share it. I’ve observed that when people find something that works for them, they become zealots for whatever that ism, never realizing that each of us may have our own reality, our own best path. So, yes, we agree that balance is good. Thanks for visiting!

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  3. I do quiet my mind quite often… In meditation of just to experience the gravity of “now”, living totally in the moment. Thought is not holding back laughter.. I know that..

    I have a painting of Christ laughing and it disturbs people. There is something eerie about not seeing him all stern and serious. Laughter is an interesting thing.


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