Power, love, consent

What is is about things in three?  To my thinking, there are three slave responsibilities.  There are three slave choices.  There are three traditional collars.  There are three keys to BDSM.  If you are not living a lifestyle, if this is your orientation, then power, love and consent is the air we breath.  I need to bring together some keys today.  Forgive me if I seem to ramble.

Power exercised without consent begets evil ~ Xtac Quote

If you read me for any time at all, you know that I think constantly about our condition.  Power exercised without consent is evil.  It is the road paved to hell with good intentions.  It is Hitler, Stalin, Mau, Genghis Khan.  All had a vision of a world they felt would be better, and they killed millions pursuing those ends.  You cannot crave such power or  wield it without hardening your heart to those who will not submit, who stand between you and your objectives.

Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other. ” ~ Carl Jung

I however DO practice love with power.  This is possible because of consent.  The question of consent it seems to me to be diminished, when love leaves the equation

I must observe this because it is true that some slaves do not require love.  I can see the appeal in submitting completely to the energy of one that craves power and exercises it exclusively for it own gain.  Such slaves crave the raw taste of being objects used for sex and service by a strong and willful Dominant.  Such a slave may feel that they do not deserve love, or they may need sex to be rough or primal, or they may feel deeply and passionately that service is the only reward they need for happiness.  We have all felt these things at times: the sense of unworthiness of love, that such a thing must come with conditions, or the primal need for savage sex that satisfies dark needs of the flesh. There is a time and a place for all things.

The highest form of society is not based on gender or equality, but on consent. ONLY when our right to consent is not suppressed, can love and power coexist within the natural systems of power all around us. ~ Xtac Quote

Power is not in and of itself evil.  Power is natural.  We live in webs of power with our relatives, employers, employees, children, and society as a whole.  We all seek our place in these natural structures of power all around us.

This age preaches at us, pushing us to be be activists and because we all believe in personal dignity and freedom of self identity we are often drawn to the cause of equality.  Equality comes wrapped in the languages of race, gender, age, religion, and sexual orientation but the ideas put forth are about leveling inequalities.

In the struggle to achieve equality, inequality through consent is a distant and unimportant, perhaps even dangerous step backward.  The truth is however, in the highest level of social evolution equality is so naturally assumed that we are comfortable with then finding our place in the structures of power around us that must exist.  We no long seek to destroy power and dive into anarchy.

Make no mistake, without structure or power, anarchy arises, and nothing is done until the powerful step again into the vacuum.  When society truly evolves, we recognize these truths:  Equality is given by a higher power but men will create structures of power that must be governed by consent or they will create evil.  It is therefore incumbent upon all advocates of equality to recognize the inevitability of power structures AND the necessity of consent.

To fight evil, we must become the evil we fight.  To not fight is to have the good we possess extinguished.  What choice then is left to us?  ~ Xtac Quote

The exception to consent of course is  persons who seek exchanges that are neither equitable nor consensual.  They take what they want through fear and violence.  Such persons may be criminals or zealots.  Regardless they must be dealt with in like manner.    Enter the police and military into our lives.

We ask our police and military to be good persons that use evil, to fight evil.  They must be prepared to make others submit without consent.  I suspect that you can not be in that role for long before a corruption takes place.  You can be a loving father, husband, and son in this role, but it must take a toll.  To live each day, ready to crush by any means necessary, any resistance to your authority, while keeping your heart full of light is at best a daunting task.  You must believe that you are acting as a force for good, and strive for your reality to match that belief.  I am thankful to work within the more simple borders of consent.

Only through consent can we create the opportunity to experience unbridled love and power together. ~ Xtac Quote

If you would experience Love and raw power together, then there must be consent.  Again the three legs of a stool.  Consent is no mere flowery word to be bandied about.  It is a core principle.  Not because we believe in it, but because we cannot exist as who and what we are without it.

I search constantly for a deeper connection, to be greater in my control of my slave.  I question which has more authority, me or her hard limits.  I strive to have no constraints other than those I impose upon myself.  But I also see the necessity of consent, its role in creating mutual happiness, how it makes possible this unbridled power to exist with love.

For the thinking person, nothing is simple.  Nor should it be.  Life is a constant ebb and flow, a give and take that challenges us constantly.

Life is my spiritual path, but BDSM is how I share it. In this life, I serve by leading those who serve. I see the ying and the yang through out life and in BDSM, I can express it with passion and compassion, two sides of the same, each of us in our sacred role. ~ Xtac Quote

There is one energy worth speaking of.  Love.  It only has meaning as a verb.  We often embrace it in one of two forms:  Agape love or Eros love.  Compassion or passion.  White energy or red energy.  Angelic behavior or devilish behavior. Unconditional love or conditional.    These are two ends of the chakras, two ends of religion, two ends of the same thing, a way to love.

I want more.  I always do.  It is probably one of our greater human pitfalls, to always come again to hunger and in those time to not recognize until its too late, our excesses.  Today, If it seems like I have no clear thought it is because I see the entirety of what BDSM is to me and I don’t know how to say it. The pieces all fit, they interlock, this goes with that, and they color every part of my life.  From the shooting of a black man by a police office in the US, to the slave at my feet who purrs as I run my fingers through her hair, to the great villains of history, and the great humanitarians, all that stretches out before me is an exercise in power, love, and consent.  For a thinking person, this life is full of rich opportunities to explore what it means to be human.  BDSM is how I share it.


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