Manipulation, trust & slave happiness

A psychologist would probably be horrified at the emotional manipulations I put my slave through, but it works for us. I wrote of trust, and how sometimes I might combine my sadist side with my gentleman side.  In a similar way, I sometimes appear to be mean to my slave, but I am in fact manipulating her emotional state into a different place, a better place, a better outcome, if you will.  I am not fond of calling this manipulation, as this conjures up all sorts of negatives but I don’t have a better word at this moment. What follows is a semi-fictional accounting of how this might work.

ANGRY – The door opened and my slave entered, tossing her keys in a way that told me she was clearly not in the best of moods.  A long day at work had resulted in this ugliness.  The energy coming from her was intense, negative, and poisonous.  She was ready to unload all of the anger and hurt that she had saved up from a tough day at work.

UPSET- Instead of consoling her I emotionally slap her.  Instead of agreeing that she had good reason to be angry, I disregarding her feelings entirely.   I order her to kneel in front of me and suck my cock.  As an obedient slave  with a lot on her mind, what choice does she have?  Upset, she must now shift gears from serving those who pay her, to serving the one she would have Dominate her.

UNHAPPY – This was not the greeting she expected, or wanted.  How could Master be so calloused, so uncaring, as to think only of himself when she needed to be comforted?  Best to perform this oral service and get it out of the way, then perhaps retreat into a hot shower followed by a  glass of wine.

DISTRACTED – Her heart is not in this service, as I knew it would not be.  Now I point this out to her, that she is not joyful in this task.  A handful of hair and I force her to stop.  Now comes the guilt, the sense that she has failed.  Perhaps a slight sense its my fault for not caring.  I send her to shower and to fresh up.

DISGRACED – I follow her to the bathroom, making sure she feels this strongly.  I remind her that a slave finds happiness in service.  I am driving home her sense of shame, her disappointment in herself. Indirectly, I am questioning if she is a slave.  I listen, poke, prod, until I know she wants to beat herself up.  But I won’t let her.  She may not punish herself.  That is my right and providence.  I just need her to want to punish herself.

HUMBLE – I leave her to finish her shower, and reflect on things.  I pour a glass of wine, set it beside me, and wait.  She emerges from the shower, steam rolling from the warm wetness of the room.  Her eyes turned down, she is humbled just a bit, uncertain where I will lead her next. There are lessons that run all through what I do.

REBORN – Again I have her kneel before me, I hand her the glass, command her to take a sip, then put it back down, and pat the couch indicating she should come sit beside me.  The person who walked in minutes ago, filled with anger and ugliness is gone.

HAPPINESS – Now finally she is in a frame of mind to come and be held, to feel protected, and let the day’s frustrations drop away.  I’ve manipulated her feelings up and down a roll coaster ride, and she has come to the end of it exhausted but ready at last to just let it all pass.  At times I may feel badly for what I put her through, but I do it for what is achieved.  In my arms she can now rest and be at peace.  I run my fingers through her hair and she stirs under my touch.  Gone is the anger, the negativity, the pain, and frustration.  We will discover tonight a deeper level of submission, a stronger bond, a more loving relation, in a home that is a shelter from the troubles of the world.  We will rediscover what is so easily forgotten in the drama of this world, that our happiness is found in the simple pleasures of this life.  If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.