DasT, like MasT, only better

Tonight was the Dom/sub round table at Feel Me Breath.  Think of it like a MasT meeting.  Its a round table of Masters and slaves together on equal footing.  There are index cards, and questions go in to a bucket to be answered.  In this forum, you get every perspective.

The meeting typically runs rather late, and my slave needed to be up for work at 4:30, so I left her home. Not something I wanted, but she needs her rest, so I had to make the call to give up her company for this evening.  Her need trumps my want.  Not that she would have participated much anyway.  In group settings she is very shy.  Still, I miss  when she is not at my feet.

I love being in the company of my people. The ones that understand me, even if they don’t always agree.  I can be a bit radical at times.  At one point in the evening I declared that all nilla relations are fundamentally flawed because the core of their relation is the utopian concept of complete equality.  That drew some interesting objections and counter-arguments.  You need to know that at times I poke the bear, just to see what kind of howls I’ll get.

Tomorrow is a Fem-Domme day.  Towards the end of the meeting, a gaggle of male slaves who had been training upstairs, came down and provided a demonstration of their skills in protocol.  That was nice.  I always enjoy seeing a slave learn protocol, or better yet, demonstrate it well.

As we prepared to leave, a very shy male submissive was offered the opportunity to serve at the side of a rather skilled and experienced Domme tomorrow and they expressed the concern that they would be wasting the Domme’s time.  Definitely the wrong response.  If a Dominant has offered the gift of their Domination, you accept with gracious thanks and without questioning if they know what they are doing.  It turned into an education opportunity.

In the parking lot later, I had a pleasant conversation with a Domme.  We lingered for a while in the dark, each not quite ready to leave, still with things that we want to say and share.  It was quite nice.  As I say.  These are my people and its good to be among my own kind.  It drove home with the warm afterglow of delicious interactions.  Life is good.