Uncontested control.

I find that I am pleased by this term.. uncontested control.  Just as I am very displeased to have my control contested.

There was a time that, when my slave exercised her power of consent and contested by administration, I would become angry.  I no longer allow myself to feel that way.  I am working on the edges of something I don’t quite know how to say.  There are times when you know that you feel something strongly, and you know that if you go with that feeling it will only make things worse.  In your lifetime I am sure there have been moments where you were very intense and expressed that intensity and things got worse.. perhaps much worse.

So it is with Mastery.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to step back and show patience and love and wisdom.  I am pleased to say that in the years that I have worked to become a great Dominant, I’ve trained myself to not react.   When my control is contested, I am amused.  I realize now that my will is indomitable.  I will have my way.  Not by force, though certainly consensual rough play is fun, no, I will have my way because I have become the Dominant that a slave needs.

If you are just starting out, you can not appreciated how much of the nilla way of thinking you must scrape off yourself.  The whole equality, politically correct, gay rights, race baiting, correct thinking is all fine as far as it goes but all of this leads to a sense of correctness that is often fundamentally flawed.  Power is natural and we all seek our place in these natural structures of power all around us.  Much of the activism we choose to become involved in,  interests us because we believe in personal dignity and freedom of self identity.  But these are also ideas that are often associated with principles of equality without the regard for the power of consent.  There is some serious thinking you have to do, and training you have to finish, both as a slave and an owner, before your mindset begins to align with right thinking, from a broader view of power, consent and relations. You will find yourself discarding many ideas that might have gone unnoticed and unchallenged, before they came between you, your partner, and your mutual happiness.

My first objective for my slave and I is happiness.  I also seek uncontested control, because I desire a CNC or TPE relation.  It pleases me constantly, how deeper this goes with every day.



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