Good girl

Tonight my slave made the meal she wanted to last night.  She had been planning this for some time, but added too much milk to the batter yesterday, and had to scrap the project.  Tonight she got it right.  The poor thing also burned herself.  I put fire on her all the time..she’s a bit of a fire slut.. but I’ve never burn her.  I do fire play, and have given workshops on it, and she loves to feel the heat of fire play.  This was not however, a good heat.

But she finished the meal preparation, and prepared to serve in normal high protocol fashion, which involves bowing with the plate in one hand.  It was with the burned hand, that she held the plate as she prepared my portion.  I watched from across the room as she balanced and loaded the plate.  I noticed that it touched her wrist, and was supported on the other end by her third, fourth, and pinky fingers.  Her burned index finger was bent down, not touching.  She adapted, while meeting the requirement without complaint.  I noticed and wondered what difficulty it would present in the bow.  I watched, and observed with keen interest as she served, and held her pose.  I took the plate, not savoring as I often do her submission.  I wanted to kiss the wounded finger  but considered the sterility of the choice.  Plus she had lathered it with lotion.  I derive great pleasure watching her preform service and tonight I was especially impressed, and pleased. While she does live for her “good girl” compliments, this evening, it was in my estimation not enough simply to tell her.  Something she said tonight sparked a thought.

I am telling you all this for two reasons.  First, because the reason I write and the reason you probably read, is to get such a glimpse into our dynamic, and this drama tonight was definitely a good glimpse into our Master/slave dynamic.  The second reason is that by telling you what a good girl she was tonight, she is getting a very public recognition for her outstanding slave behavior.  I think she deserves that, and I know a thing or two about her “buttons”.  This will please her.

So, dear friends and readers its just another simple night of dinner and tv for a guy who just happens to own property,  property that is a living-breathing person. This is for you my pet..Master’s pleasure to take possession & And give the gift of my Domination.. Master is very pleased.

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